In addition to my love of bikes, I also love music.  Moving to Point Reyes Station in 2007, I discovered KWMR, a local community based radio station.  I remember listening one day and hearing this great mix of music - stuff that you just don't hear on commercial radio, and especially artists that you will not hear mixed together.  I particularly remember hearing some Bob Dylan followed by Robert Johnson and thought, "holy cow, this is cool!"  

As chance would have it a friend, who I would later co-host a regular program, called up and asked if my son and I would like to be on the radio with her one evening as she subbed for another regular host.  Uh, yeah!  
So, long story short, my friend Amanda and I host Bakersfield & Beyond every other Thursday from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  Bakersfield & Beyond got it's start in March of 2009, but really got it's start a couple of months prior when we were covering for another regular host and discovered The Bakersfield Sound.  We play a lot of rockin' country tunes and mix in some L.A. punk from artists who were inspired by Bakersfield artists like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. 

In addition to Bakersfield & Beyond, I'm also a regular host (1st Wednesday of each month) of a new show called Riding The Rails - The Americana Express.  If you want to listen, KWMR streams on-line and through iTunes.  Click one of the links for a schedule and check it out!