Friday, August 12, 2016

Fly Low And Avoid The Radar

Back in the '80s, I remember Dusty Street's radio show on KROQ, "Street On The Roq," always ended with her saying "fly low and avoid the radar."  I have no idea why I remembered that today, some 30 years later, as I started typing this.  But I have been flying low and avoiding the radar with regards to this here blog.  This summer, heck, this year, has gone by way too fast.  I've been working with a web developer on a brand new website that will have an actual webstore where it will be super easy to purchase frames and lots of assorted Black Mountain Cycles stuff.  It's going to be great.  And a big step up from this free blogger site - which has been an awesome tool to get the word of Black Mountain Cycles out there.  

What else has been going on?  Way too much.  So much so that within only a handful of months since the pink and British racing green monster cross frames arrived, I've had to place a new order for more frames.  Sorry to disappoint the bike industry, but the rim brake bike is alive and well and thriving at Black Mountain Cycles.  Not sure what colors I'm going to do for this next run of frames, but there will be no change to the frame from the V5 model.  That one was nice and dialed.

What else?  Most of the logo t-shirts are out of stock and I'm ordering more.  Soon.  Not as many color options.  I've got a new logo for a t-shirt that's going to be rad.  And I've got a design for a hoody that going to be equally great because Fall's coming.  I received today a big fill-in order for jerseys in both the two styles - lots of long sleeve thermal jerseys, club cut short sleeves, and race cut short sleeves.  And shorts in bib style and non-bib.  

But wait, there's more!  Disc brakes.  Yes, I am seriously working on a disc brake frame.  I finally got the dropouts front and rear that I want to use figured out.  Sean at Soulcraft Cycles was instrumental in getting the rears done and I should have a sample to test within a couple of months.  If all goes well, disc frames sometime next summer.  Maybe sooner.  

And, I think, finally, a new water bottle design that's a few months out based on the lead time at Specialized's water bottle department.  

Dang, how did you get time to do all that?  First, I got off the Facebook (with the exception of maintaining the shop page) and then I started riding and getting shit done.  It needs doing, just get it done.  Lots of cool bikes have been through the stand and some great Black Mountain Cycles bikes have been built and are off to new owners from the west coast to the east coast. 

And I built up a new pink cross frame for myself.  More about this later.

(What's playing:  The Replacements I'll Be You)


Anonymous said...

Good to hear your frames are selling well. I'm looking forward to the new colors.

Leif Eckstrom said...

+1! How bout a molteni monster cross paint option?