Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dodging The Rain Storms

Before I get too far into this post, a reminder that frames are on the way.  The vessel carrying the frames docked in Los Angeles this morning.  ETA to Oakland where it will unload my/your frames is March 17.  However, I believe the ETA for arriving in Los Angeles was March 10 and it's the 8th today, so it may arrive early in Oakland.  Fingers crossed.

There's also time to get deposits in or simply purchase a frame outright.  There are some sizes/colors that are sold out or are in limited supplies.  If you're on the fence, it might be time to come on down.  There's still good availability on all sizes of road frames, but some of the cross frames are sold out.  Here's what's in limited supply for cross frames:
52cm Pink - one available
58cm Pink - one available
64cm British Racing Greed - sold out
64cm Pink - one available
All other sizes/colors have at least 2 or more available.

And, I do have one 56cm current model cross frame available in Dazzling Blue. (3/20/16 - sorry, this frame is gone)  Someone opted to change the order for this frame to one of the new frames, so it's still available for $535 including shipping.  The only other sizes of current cross frames available at the sales price are 50cm and 65cm.  Road frames are available at that same price in 50cm (light blue), 59cm (orange), and 62cm (light blue and orange).

Now, on to dodging rain storms.  I've been super lucky to maintain my regular riding schedule and not get drenched by the rains that have been continually rolling across Marin.  Sure, there have been periods of some spitting rain, but not the soakers that we've had at night or when I've been in the shop working.  There was that one commute back home, though, that challenged the water proofedness of my commuting rain gear, but my commute is only 5 minutes.  But in that 5 minutes, it dumped.  The fenders on the road bike have been great when riding on rain soaked roads.  

Yesterday's ride consisted of starting off in showers, followed by sunshine, headwinds, threatening skies, and finished off with 10 miles of a 15+mph tailwind.  And then a 10 minute soaking within minutes after getting back home.  It's all good and I'm glad the back/neck pain that cause a riding hiatus has not returned beyond the normal "pain" associated with riding.

Pt. Reyes Station/Tomales/Chileno Valley/Wilson Hill/Marshall Wall/Pt. Reyes Station loop.

Chileno Valley / Marshall Wall

Chileno Valley / Marshall Wall

Chileno Valley / Marshall Wall
Laguna Lake in Chileno Valley

Chileno Valley / Marshall Wall
Top of Wilson Hill looking towards Petaluma

Chileno Valley / Marshall Wall
Top of Wilson Hill with an encouraging sign

Chileno Valley / Marshall Wall
Verdant hills, puffy clouds, and sun in the appropriately named Verde Canyon

Chileno Valley / Marshall Wall
Lone cow on the climb up the Marshall Wall

Chileno Valley / Marshall Wall
Obligatory photo op on top of the Marshall Wall

Chileno Valley / Marshall Wall
Tomales Bay and Inverness Ridge from the Marhsall Wall

(What's playing:  Peter Frampton Do You Feel Like We Do)

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