Friday, January 29, 2016

While We're Waiting For Frames

Small snag in the production of frames currently in progress.  There was an issue with the decal on the road frames so they have to be redone.  The goal was to have both the road and cross frames finished and shipped before the factory closes for the upcoming Chinese New Year.  Now, they'll get them finished and shipped when they come back from the holiday.  Say goodbye to the goat and hello to the monkey.  Here's a few more photos of frames in process.




While waiting for the frames....  A lot has changed with regards to the availability on colors sizes and parts that I'll remove the info that was posted below to get rid of any confusion.  

(What's playing:  The Knack Lucinda)


Anonymous said...

Will the new version finally jettison the unclickable web address on the inside chainstay?

blackmountaincycles said...

The simple text on the inside of the chainstays has been removed.

Patrick said...

I love the look of the biplane fork crown. Beautiful!