Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Jerseys/Kit Arrival Day

After eight years, I finally had shop jerseys made.  Hey, it takes a long time to get that image in your head of what you want something to be and when it does, then I'm all in.  I really liked how that first jersey turned out - and a lot of you did too, which makes me happy.  And now, only about 6 months later, I've got a new jersey design inspired by the Merckx inspired graphics on the new road frames that are in production.  After the road frame graphics were put to bed and frames ordered, I had a "what if..." moment and threw down for a new Molteni inspired jersey.  Inspired - not exact.  These are definitely very orange.  Some folks want a jersey that is brighter than a black jersey for better visibility, but don't want that high-pro glow of the retina searing high-vis colors.  This one fits that bill just about perfect.  

Once again, these jerseys and shorts are made by Voler down in Grover Beach, CA and Ken Prosser  of Kenji Designs interpreted my chicken scratch sketches into a perfect representation of what was banging around in my brain.  When I was sketching it out, I knew I wanted "Point Reyes Station, California" and the frog/wheel logo on the pockets, but what to put on the third pocket?  Ah, how about an "Obey The Rules" logo!  But, I don't just want to lift the logo without the Velominati's approval.  An email to Frank Strack, the Keeper of the Cog and approval with logo artwork appeared in my in-box.  

I think they turned out really great.  The current shorts are all black.  The new jersey will also be a coordinate well with the previous shorts that have the blue and orange leg bands.  Wasn't thinking about that until they arrived and I saw them next to each other.  Mix and match!  

FS Pro Race Cut S/S Genesis Jersey - M, L, XL:  $110
Equipe Club Cut S/S Genesis Jersey - M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL:  $90
Equipe Club Cut L/S Genesis Jersey - M, L, XL, 2XL:  $100
Equipe Club Cut L/S GeoTherm Jersey - M, L, XL, 2XL:  $100
Equipe Club Cut Women's S/S Genesis Jersey - SM, M, L, XL:  $90
FS Pro Bib Short w/Comp Pad - S, M, L, XL, 2XL:  $120
Peloton Short w/Apex Pad - S, M, L, XL, 2XL:  $80
Peloton Short w/Apex Pad, Women's - S, M, L, XL:  $80

I'm happy to ship pretty much anywhere it's economically feasible via USPS.  Email or call for details on shipping.  

The Equipe jersey in s/s and l/s has a black zipper that is not hidden.

The FS Pro jersey has a hidden zipper

(What's playing:  Freddie King Ain't No Sunshine)

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Andy Squirrel said...

Oh wow, that would have been wonderful without the shoulder and back pocket logos. A very simple Black Mountain Cycles would have been stunning and perfect. Always remember, less is more with jerseys.