Friday, November 6, 2015

New Road/Cross Frames - Pricing and Deposits

I expected the new frames to create a bit of interest with their revisions.  However, it seems the demand may be higher than I anticipated with several deposits on both the road and cross frames already made to secure one.  And that was without confirming the final price, which I am happy to say is going to be unchanged at $595 for frame and fork for both the road and cross framesets.  

The price on the previous 65cm cross frames had been $50 less because the frames were not heat-treated due to their slightly thicker walled top and down tubes.  The 64cm frame retains the 0.9/0.6/0.9 top and down tube (all other sizes are 0.8/0.5/0.8), but like the other sizes will use a heat-treated before welding tubeset for a bit of strength and dent resistance.  Previous frames (except the 65cm frame) were heat-treated after welding.  (edit:  The 64cm frames will be $595 like all the other sizes. )

With that, I'm officially opening up the lines for deposits (at least $100) to secure a road or cross frame.  You can call in with a credit card number, swing by with cash, or use your Paypal account. 

FAQs about your deposit.
Q:  Are the deposits refundable?
A:  Why?  Seriously, I'd like to say deposits are not refundable like every other company, but sure.  If you changed your mind, I'm cool with that and will refund your deposit.

Q:  I thought I wanted a green 58cm frame, but I grew two inches since I gave you the deposit and pink is now my favorite color.  Can I change my deposit to a 60cm pink frame?
A:  If there is a 60cm pink frameset available, absolutely.

Q:  I'm not sure on the size I need.  Can you help me figure out size?
A:  For sure.  Send me an email and I'll work with you get your bike fit numbers and create your fit on each size so we can figure out which size will work best for you based on your intended use.

Any other questions you have, just email or call me.  

BMC Molteni Tribute Graphic
Road frameset graphic package and color inspired by the Merckx Molteni bikes

Pink cross bike

British Racing Green cross bike

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