Friday, October 16, 2015

Grinduro! - The Maker's Bikes

Dang, I almost forgot about these guys.  I'd only been to one Meet Your Maker Tour event, the Mt. Tam ride a few years ago.  The events are a great opportunity to meet a really great bunch of folks who make cool shit.  The MYM event at the Grinduro was especially incredible because the event organizers set up the Makers in the central building space where their bikes and wares were on display for the whole weekend.  

After Saturday's ride/race, the MYM crew organized a poker ride on about 10 miles of the course.  We climbed about 4 miles of the first climb again (it felt way steeper the second day) and then cut across to the final single-track descent (it felt way faster the second day).  At the beginning and end and 3 stops during the ride, we picked cards - best hand wins (what, I have no idea).  I drew two pair - queens over threes.  At John Caletti's card pick stop, he had two beer cans set up for folks to try to hit with a rock shot from a titanium slingshot he made.  Hit one of the cans, you get an extra card.  A few folks scored extra draws.  

After the ride, there was a bunch of food and drinks left over that were quickly dispatched and then it was time to pack up and mosey on out of town letting the great vibes of the weekend soak in while looking forward to next year's event.  It's going to happen again, right guys?

I should have taken photos inside where the light was a bit better, but when you're having fun, you forget things like photo taking.  But, John Watson over on the Radivist took some great photos of the bikes in excellent detail.  They'll all be up eventually, I think.  Right now, the Retrotec and Soulcraft are up (click on the links to see the photo gallery on The Radavist).

First up is Sean Walling's Dirt Bomb.  You'll see more of this one if you go to the 2016 edition of NAHBS.

Curtis Inglis' Retrotec was raced on Saturday by a friend of his.

John Caletti's titanium rig.

Todd Ingermanson's Black Cat with amazing paint and check out the really clean turned down lower headset cup.

A collaboration between Bruce Gordon and Rock Lobster's Paul Sadoff - Schnozola.

Schnozola head badge.

Steve Rex's super clean fillet-brazed entry.

Notice the subtle curve to the top tube.

The Blue Collar bike by Robert Ives.  This one was built for Giro's Eric Richter, who is one of the main drivers behind Grinduro.

I lifted this photo from Ibis Cycles Instagram feed.  Really amazing artwork by Chris McNally of the Vecchio's work bench with a Cameron Falconer's Falconer in the stand - what's in the stand.

Last morning during coffee time:  Todd Ingermanson - Black Cat Bikes, Steve Rex, Alec White - White Industries, Cameron Falconer, Mark Norstadt - Paragon Machine Works, Mike Cherney - Ibis Handjob fame, yours truly, Chris McNally.

If you haven't seen this yet, watch it now.

(What's Playing:  The Spencer Davis Group Gimme Some Lovin')

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