Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Your Bikes

Most of the new bikes shots I put up are of bikes in the stand as they leave the shop.  This post is dedicated to your bikes as you have them set up and ride them.  

The shots below show Arthur's bike and the northern tour he undertook last year.  While my cross bike is not a touring bike, one could undertake moderate, lightly packed tours as Arthur did.

This was shot by Rob Perks of Ocean Air Cycles as he was driving (he was probably stopped) through the streets of Ventura.  A keen eye, Rob has, in that he recognized a Black Mountain Cycles bike in the wild and had the quick thought to take a picture and send it to me.  This road bike is owned by Chris.  Chris also sent a photo of his bike leaning against the gate to Black Mountain Ranch outside of Ojai, CA.  Chris rode up there to wave the South African flag as the Tour of California race rode by.

This is Scott's bike.  He came over from Davis and picked up the frame and wheels I built for him.  Scott was a customer of Pacific Coast Cycles way back when I worked there.  We reminisced a bit and soon sent the shot of his completed bike.  

Jeffry sent this photo of his MUSA cross bike while he was in New York.  This summer, I'm seeing photos of his bike from his adventure in Alaska - such as the shot below.

Anarchy in AK

Dan sent the two shots below from his off-road adventures somewhere in the coastal Southern California hills.  Where's the orange bike?

Sometimes I get the thought process that went into a customer's build via a superb graphic image.

Mike from Texas liked his cross bike so much, he got a road frame as well.

Bill from Maine built up this beauty of a green cross bike and did something a little extra to make the front Nitto rack fitment better.  Check out his woodworking website.  The boats he makes are beautiful.

If you have a picture of your Black Mountain Cycles bike in the wild, send it on in and I'll include it in future posts.  Huge thanks to everyone who has let me set you up with a frame or bike.

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