Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sample Frames For Sale

(Edit:  As of May 10, 2015, all of these sample frames are sold.  Thanks to everyone who picked one up.)

Back in 2000 something, when I was working on getting this shop opened and creating a line of frames, I had a bunch of sample frames made.  Besides the 62cm orange road bike and root beer cross bike I had made and still ride to this day, I had some other 56cm frames made in various colors.  This was kind of a hold over of my Haro/Masi days when I would have samples made in different colors to use in determining what the production colors would be.  

Initially, I didn't want to sell these samples because, well, they were samples.  I sold one early on to a friend who rode it for a while and later, I bought it back.  But after putting thousands of miles on the road frame I still ride and the cross frame that is seeing commuter duty now, I think it's time to sell off the other samples and make room in my limited space shop.  Personally, I couldn't have been happier with how these sample frames ride and how they continue to ride.

So, here's the deal - I've got a few sample frames available.  First come, first served.  A few of these have been sold recently as I pulled them out and was deciding what to do with them.  All the frames are pretty much what the production frames ended up being for the first production, with a couple of exceptions.  None of the frames are heat-treated or have the ED rust resistant coating like the production frames have.  Here's the scoop.  All frames are 56cm.  All frames are powder coated with no clear coat.  All frames can be with our without decals - your choice.  And all frames probably have some sort of scuff of scratch after being moved around here and there these past 6 years.  Nothing horrible, but if you want perfection, these won't fit that bill. 

Road Frame
Road frames are sold out
One lightly used frame and fork in orange $150.   SOLD!
Orange, Silver, or Black (one each) - $250.  Orange frame is sold.  Black frame is sold.  Silver is sold.
How are these different from the production frame besides the lack of heat-treatment and ED coating?
  1. Seat tube is 31.8mm (production is 28.6).
  2. Seat post size is 29.4, but I'll include a shim that will allow you to run a 27.2 post (I've been using one for 6 years with no issues).
  3. Max tire size is roughly 32mm.  Production frames have a slightly longer chainstay and a bit of a crimp to allow larger tires.  A 32 measured tire fits, but not with a lot of side-to-side clearance.  I've run 28 for most of the 6 years I've ridden this frame.
  4. The chainstay and seat stay bridges have no threaded bosses for fender installs.  
  5. I think that's about it.  As I mentioned, I've been riding a 62cm version of this sample for 6 years and it's still my primary road bike.  Gets ridden all over - on road and off.  

Cross frame
Cross frame is sold!
One frame in 56cm in what I called midnight blue.  It's a dark, dark blue with a bit of metallic in it.  $250 for frame and fork.
What's different about this frame than the production frames?
  1. The dropouts are not drilled and tapped for adjusters.  Adjusters are convenient on horizontal dropouts because they let you fit the rear wheel to the same spot every time you remove and install the rear wheel.  But, if you don't have them, you can figure it out.  I've figured it out for the past 6 years on my bike.  
  2. The seat stay bridge is larger diameter than the production frames.
  3. The rear brake cable stop on the seat stay is not set up for a barrel adjuster to compensate for pad wear or cable stretch.  It's a simple cable stop.

Fixed gear road frame 
Black frame is sold.  And now the white frame is sold.
56cm with a 55.5cm top tube.  It's more road fixed gear than track fixed gear geometry, but has a high-ish bb with a 63mm bb drop.  One in white powder coat, one in a semi-gloss black that I think is wet paint.  $250.  Here's some details:
  1. Seat post - 27.2
  2. 1" threadless headset required (not included)
  3. One set of bottle bossed on the d/t
Back when I was doing all the product development for Masi, we needed to create a track frame.  In my mind there was really only one track end that was acceptable - the Campagnolo 1053 track end which were no longer in production.  I wanted that same look on the Masi frames I was designing.  I bought a set of 1053 track ends from someone on ebay years ago and recreated the shape for the Masi frames.  This frame uses the same track end I created for Masi.  One of the things I did at Masi that I'm most proud of - incorporating the nostalgia.  And they still use that dropout today.

 That's it.  If you want one of these, shoot me an email blackmtncycles(at)gmail(dot)com and secure one.  Once they're gone, they're gone. (As of 5/10/15, they are all gone.  Thanks to everyone who picked one up.  Enjoy!)

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