Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What's In The Stand Wednesday

Rather than dedicate on post to each bike this will be one big ole WITS photo dump because I've got the time and I need to get it off my to do list.  So, here goes - first up is one of the new MUSA Falconer Cycles made disc cross bike.  For some reason, I didn't get a full bike shot in the stand (yeah, I suck).  But here are some cool details.

Segmented fork

Front end

Rear end

Seat cluster

De Rosa at dawn

The De Rosa was a rebuild after a repaint by Rick at D&D over in the east bay.  It was built with some of its original parts and some newer, less worked over, parts the owner brought in.  It turned out really nice.  Just felt right.  The actual color of the bike is more like the shot of it above taken just after dawn with sunlight coming in through the front door. 

I heart De Rosa


Details and chromed lugs


This Serotta Ottrott got rebuilt with new Super Record 

Super Record

Such a cool r/d design

Ti and carbon Ottrott

Not a lot of clearance.  25mm Michelins that measure out to 28.

This CS1 inherited the 10 speed Campy from the Ottrott complete with rear shifter overhaul.

Just like new with new g-springs

Rear wheel also got an overhaul

And this older wheel with Campagnolo Record hub got a rebuild.  The old "Z" bend aero spokes got ditched in favor of new DT Swiss Competition spokes. 

(What's playing:  Percy Sledge It Tears Me Up)

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