Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's parts sale

It's a challenge to maintain the proper levels of inventory in a bike shop.  It's even more challenging when your shop is remotely located yet frequented by folks who may need something while out riding or visiting on vacation.  However, it's impractical to carry everything to fill that once in a couple year need.  And that is precisely why I'm feeling the need to reduce my expense of carrying all the inventory I do.  I've been wanting to do this for quite a while, yet the method to advertise sale parts is somewhat limited and I don't have tons of foot traffic to move stuff out.  

So, thanks to Kirk Pacenti, I noticed he posted a list of stuff he was in need of moving out via a photo album on flickr.  Hey, I can do that too.  Here it is - my flickr album of parts on special sale with a bit of info and prices.  As I sell off items, the photos will be deleted and as I find more stuff, I'll add photos.  

Dig in, you know you need some of this stuff!  Here's the link to the photo album.  There's cranks, tires, hubs, clothes, fenders, cranks, brakes, tires, and cranks listed. 

(What's playing:  Sturgill Simpson Long White Line)

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