Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Sale

I'm personally not a fan of Black Friday.  I have no desire to grapple for $50 flat-screen TV sets (my old CRT TV works fine - as long as it gets a sharp slap to the side to coerce the screen to light up).  Pretty much, if I can't get it at a bike shop or a grocery store, I don't really need it.  Or want it.  And if that's your M.O. as well, then you are in luck.  I'll be having a Black Friday (and Saturday, and Sunday) Sale on select items.  

Items I'm tired of seeing day in and day out will be marked (or not - that's a lot of work to mark stuff down) down by a significant margin.  What's going to be on sale, you ask?  Well, let's see.  Here's a partial list without prices because I haven't figured that out yet, but they'll be killer prices.

Velocity Synergy rims - 650b and 700c
Velocity Blunt and Blunt SL 650b rims
Pacenti PL23 rims - 650b and 700c
(I'm thinking something like $40 max for the above rims)
No Tubes Alpha 340 and 400 rims
Velocity Razor 700c silver rims
DT Swiss 440 rims
Shimano 6700, XT, CX50, CX70 cranksets
Vee Rubber XCX and V12 tires
Kenda Nevegal 29" tires
Pacenti, Schwalbe, and WTB 650b mtn tires
Lobster type gloves
Dura Ace 7900 34.9 front derailleur
Clement 33mm cross tires
A whole bunch of black 3d forged threadless stems for 26.0 handlebars - these will be super cheap.
26" wheel SKS fenders

Basically, if you see something that catches your eye, make me an offer.  The more dust that's on it, the more I want to see it go away.  The vintage bikes, however, are not for sale.  Sorry.

I'll have coffee and Bovine pastries on hand Friday and Saturday.  If you want cream or sugar for your coffee, you might want to bring your own as there really is only one way to drink coffee in my book.  Some beer too for after noon.

See something you like?  Friday.

Addition:  A bunch of mechanical road disc brakes from Avid, Hayes, and Shimano will also be on sale for as much as half-off.  I've also got a Surly Steamroller frameset 53cm in Cream that I need to be gone as well as a used Bianchi Vigorelli 63cm frame/fork/headset/brakes.


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Turning tubes into frames

The MUSA cross frames are coming along nicely.  I got an update from Cameron Falconer yesterday.  Frames and forks are welded.  The fiddly bits are next to be brazed on.  They should be going to the powder-coater by next Wednesday.  When they get back to me, several are already spoken for, but there will be a few available for purchase.  Here's what is going to be available:

56cm disc brake w/ segmented fork - 2 x orange, 1 x green
59cm disc brake w/ segmented fork - 2 x orange, 1 x green
Price is $1800 + applicable sales tax and shipping.

Before paint:

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No two days the same

One thing is for sure here in West Marin - no two days are the same.  One day it's overcast and the next day it's clear as can be.  A side benefit of the variety of the weather is that even if you do the same ride day after day, it will feel different.  Sunday's ride was overcast and damp.  Cold at lower elevations and warmish/humid on the ridge tops.  Monday was met with a high pressure system and cold, dry air that warmed quickly.  I'm not sure what I dislike more - 50 degrees with a damp chill or a clear and dry 39 degrees.  Either way, my fingers and toes suffer.  It makes no sense to bundle them up because by the middle of the ride, you're shedding clothes.  So, you embrace rule #5 and pound through the temporary pain because the pain is temporary.  Especially with views/scenes like these.

San Geronimo Ridge

Tomales Bay from Bolinas Ridge

Sliver of early morning light as the fog lifts

and in b/w

South on 1 as the fog lifts

Long shadows

How long can this tree hang on?

Alpine Lake on the road bike

Looking south from Bolinas Ridge

Feeling small in the trees - San Geronimo Ridge

Clear and dry on Marshall Beach Rd.


And the perfect finish to a ride - espresso from an old Bialetti espresso maker in an even older Franciscan coffee cup.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

MUSA frame update

While the window to order your choice of frame size, canti brake, or disc brake is closed now, there are still some frames available and you can have your choice of color.  Here's what is available:  56cm or 59cm frames for disc brake only.  Forks will be segmented style and there will be hourglass shaped rack/fender mounts on the fork legs and seat stays.  Brakes will be mounted to the seat stay.  However, you will have your choice of either International Orange or a bright green powder coat.  

So, if you're after a 56cm or 59cm disc brake monster cross frameset, price is $1800 and you can choose either one of these two colors.  Production on the frames will be happening within days - there was a bit of a delay getting all the parts ordered and received.  Big thanks to Curtis Inglis at Retrotec Cycles for helping with some dropouts that were out of stock at Paragon Machine Works.

These tubes will be turned into sweet monster cross frames soon.

International Orange

RAL 6018

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