Thursday, October 16, 2014

More cross frames on the way

The boat carrying the newest run of monster cross frames was docked in Oakland on Monday.  The customs bond, import duty, and dock fee have been paid.  I'm assuming they are clearing customs now and should be on their way here soon.  Based on what I learned with the last shipment, the trucking company who will deliver the frames here only makes deliveries to Pt. Reyes Station once per week.  I can't recall if it's Tuesday or Thursday, but I'm anticipating the frames will be here next week - unless customs drags their feet and the once-per-week delivery is missed, then it's another week wait.  Ugh.  Hopefully, that's not the case.  

What's different with these V4 frames?  Somehow, each production has been referred to as V2, V3...  Version 2, Version 3...  I'm not sure if I started referring to them with that term or if someone else did.  Anyway, each version has had minor changes that improved on the previous version:

Version 2 got a machined type headtube reinforcement, 130mm rear spacing, some fine-tuning of the rear brake cable stop location on the smaller frames, longer steerer tubes on the 56cm and up frame sizes, and a 65cm size.

Version 3 received a chainstay make-over with a slight s-bend shape for better crankarm clearance.  With this version, any 2-piece design crankset's arms clear the stays that are widened for big tire clearance.   It's not so simple to have clearance for a 50mm tire and road cranks.  This version also saw the bottom bracket dropped a few millimeters for improved stability.  I've become a bigger fan of lower bottom bracket heights.  Makes sense for a lot of riding.  

This new Version 4 is the same as Version 3, but is getting mid-fork braze-ons for folks who want to run a low-rider rack or, with longer struts, a small rack fit above the wheel.  While these frames are not touring frames, there have been plenty of owners who have taken them on tours and they report back that they've worked very well.  But, I will reiterate, these are not touring bikes.  I was hesitant to put eyelets on the forks because these frames are really extensions of myself and that's not how I would build out a bike for myself, but I'll get over it.  

Colors.  Version 4 will be available in a metallic maroon or Dazzling Blue (which is a Pantone® fashion color pick for 2014).  As soon as the frames are here, I'll take some pics and post them.  In the mean time, here are some photos of recent rides in the area.

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