Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monster Cross V4 frames arrived

One phone call last Friday to the tucking company who will be delivering frames, "Yes, the frames will be delivered on Monday.  Please call back on Monday before 10:00 a.m. to get a delivery window."  Monday morning arrives.  I think I can get out on the bike at 8:00 a.m. and get a 90 minute ride.  What's that?  Rain?  Really?  On the day frames are going to be here.  Dang.  Not feeling like I want to start a ride now in the rain, I get a couple of things done, go to the shop, call the trucking company, "Yes, we said delivery on Monday when we spoke on Friday, but now the delivery is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday."  

Okay, I can deal with that.  Finish up a few things at the shop not wanting to stay too long since I am closed on Monday.  Head home.  Get an email from the company who handles the shipments through customs, "Mike, we have pushed the delivery company to deliver the frames today.  Is that okay?"  Yes, of course!  Call again to the trucking company to find out the delivery will be made before 4:00.  It's only noon.  So back to the shop to wait.  I do have the good fortune to get an order for a new complete bike build while I'm at the shop - it's going to be a sweet 62cm gray cross bike with White Industries cranks.  

Truck arrives about 3:00, rain is long gone and it's a pretty nice day and I'm unloading the truck and then loading them into my storage.  I do like days when I have a better handle on the schedule, but this one was okay.  Maroon (or as was commented on the Facebook page - Black Cherry) and Dazzling Blue.  I was a bit nervous about an entire shipment of colors I had no history with, but they look great.  Really.  Much better in person than in the photos.  All sizes in stock in both colors.  $595 each (65cm is $545 because of the lack of heat-treatment due to the thicker walled main tubes).

(What's playing:  KWMR's The Barbarian Beach Party)


Anonymous said...

Black cherry is looking good.

Oli said...

That Black Cherry is HOT.

Daniel D. said...

I echo the comments above. That is a great color.