Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kenda Slant Six 29x1.8

I don't have much time to keep up-to-date on new product via cruising the web these days.  And I don't have reps visit me to keep me informed on new products.  So, I take it upon myself to try to seek out new goodies.  I get most of my parts from Quality Bicycle Products - a really great distributor out of Minnesota.  Because of their super easy to use website and the fact they have just about everything, I end up ordering more things than I actually need.  Recently it was Oberto's beef jerky that fell into that category. 

Every so often, I'll cruise the tire category.  The ability to narrow down a product search like tires is really great.  I'll start with 622 bead diameter tires, narrow that down to folding and/or tubeless compatible.  Then I'll narrow it down to widths.  Oh, what's this?  A 1.8" size?  Hmmm.  Narrow down and it tells me that Kenda now has a 29x1.8" tubeless compatible Slant Six tire available.  I've got to check that out.  

Here they are.  I don't know how long these have been available, but dang, this is a pretty nice off-road tire that fits very nicely in the Black Mountain Cycles monster cross frames.  I got some in today and mounted one up on a Velocity A23 rim with out sealant, just to check fit.  Sure enough, with just a floor pump, it inflated easily and looks great in my frame.  Actual width on an A23 is 43mm casing and 45.5mm tread width.  The claimed weight is 601g +/- 30g.  I weighed one at 590g.  

Will I immediately change out the Nano 40 tires I'm currently running?  No, but I would definitely consider mounting a set up if I found myself wanting to take my cross bike on an all off-road ride that was more technical than the fire roads and trails I currently ride or if I needed a bit more cush because I was getting soft in my old age.  Regardless, this is a great option for tires in this mid-40 size range.  Good stuff.

The offset nature of the A23 OC rim means that securing a tubeless valve may be tricky because the nut doesn't pull the valve's seal straight into the rim.  Okay, not ideal.

9mm of clearance, Clarence.

Probably a bit buzzy on the road, but good on hardpack.

(What's playing:  The Specials Ghost Town)


CadenceMichael said...

Reps don't visit to keep you informed on new products? You must not be a real bike shop. :)

Tim said...

There are still new/better tires being developed? Amazing. Really nice to see these sizes getting made at all.

Anonymous said...

Mike, regarding your "buzzy on the road" idea, could you please compare them to the rock n roads? And an off as well as on road comparison would be much appreciated! Thanks!

blackmountaincycles said...

I can't compare them to the Rock 'n Roads in terms of actual riding experience because I haven't ridden the Slant 6 1.8 tires. And probably won't. My comment was "Probably buzzy on the road," which is conjecture based on the tread pattern of longitudinal knobs with significant space between them. Tires with this kind of pattern are typically buzzy on the road. The Gordons have space between the knobs, but the knobs are closer together and form more of a "V," which reduces their buzziness. I'm sure the Slant 6 1.8 will be good in the dirt, maybe better than the Rock 'n Road or Nano 40, simply because it's larger, but they will be buzzy on the road - and buzzy is never faster.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see, thanks! After reading about em here, im riding the rock n road now, on an otherwise stock crosscheck, and really enjoying them. They seemed to open up new terrain options for me on what is rideable, and I was curious about how a wider version of the 35c slant sixes would work, especially on the mix/transtions between paved road/dirt road/forest trails. Thanks much!