Monday, September 1, 2014

Build, build, build...

Is the saying that August arrives like a lamb and leaves like a lion?  If not, then I changed that.  And you can trademark that.  August started off like any other month, but by the time it was almost over, I had a stack of complete bike orders lined up in the queue.  First the Black Mountain Cycles builds + a Seven.  Then I'll save a really fun build for a separate post.

Build boxes and wheels on tap and ready.

The first build was Dan's cross bike.  If you check out the parts closely, you may be scratching your head and saying "what the..."  Campy 10s shifters, RaceFace mountain bike crankset, Shimano 9-speed cassette and derailleurs...  It works.  I'll go into more detail in another post.

Emerson's cross bike was destined for Michigan.  Pretty much a straight forward build kit #1 with Clement MSO 40 tires.  A sharp looking bike and the last 56cm green frame to leave the building.  56cm and 59cm green frames are sold out.

Tylers's 62cm gray cross bike was also based on the build kit #1 with SRAM bar end shifters, but had the brakes upgraded to Paul Components Minimoto. 

Ken's cross bike.  This is one of the 62cm MUSA frames build by Cameron Falconer last year.  It got a special treatment with the Enve carbon fork and parts from his other cross bike transferred.

Aaron's single-speed cross bike destined for New York City.  I dug how this bike turned out.  It's a 65cm frame with some back-swept bars.  It feels really good.  Paul Components Hi-Flange 36h hubs with Velocity Dyad rims, Phil Wood bottom bracket, Chris King headset - a really sweet, together bike.

Nathan's cross bike.  We wanted to get the weight down on this one.  The basis for the build was the Shimano build kit #3, but we upgraded the cranks to the CX70, seat to the Rocket V Pro, seat post to a Ritchey WCS, and tires to the 120tpi Clement MSO 40.  As it sits there it weighs 21lbs. 13oz.  Watch out South Dakota!

And finally, this new Seven was built with existing Zipp wheels and new Red 22 parts for a great customer.  We created a 52/36 Red crankset out of a 46/36 crank with a 52 ring replacing the 46.  He'll add in his front wheel and seat / seat post when it arrives.

Watch this space for something off the charts cool from Bruce Gordon.

(What's playing:  The Raconteurs Many Shade of Black)

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