Monday, June 30, 2014

New and used for sale...

(Edit:  As of August 1, 2014, both the frame and complete bike have been sold and are no longer available.  Couple of happy folks out there!)

The current green cross frames have been very popular.  In fact, the 59cm green frames were sold out before they even arrived.  However, there is one available.  A customer bought one, however, a few months later, he decided that he already has too many bikes and his plans for using this green frame have changed so it is for sale.  If you are looking for a 59cm green cross frame, send me an e-mail and I'll put you in touch with the frame's owner so you can work out the details to get it under your butt and on the road (paved or dirt).  As a reminder, here is what the green looks like.  This is a recent 56cm build for Bill.  The frame for sale is still in its original carton with all the packing materials.

The second bike is a pre-owned local bike.  A root beer cross bike from the first run of frames.  The owner's knees ain't what they used to be and being a multi-bike owner, he's decided to offer this one for sale.  It's a 62cm frame built with SRAM bar end shifters and White Industries crank.  Here's a partial breakdown of parts:

White Ind VBC 46/30 crank 175mm paired to 11-36 cassette
Velocity A23 rims with Shimano 105 32h hubs
Salsa Cowbell 2 46cm bars
Cane Creek brake levers with Avid Shorty 6 canti brakes
WTB Rocket V Pro on a Ritchey Pro seat post
Tires are Vee Rubber V12 1.95, but a set of Conti Cyclocross 42 comes with the bike - both tires have a lot of miles left
Also included is a set of Planet Bike clip on fender/splash guards.

New this bike is $2400.  It can be yours for $1600 + shipping (if required).  There are a few scuffs on the paint, but nothing that goes through the paint.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Closed Friday, June 20...

I played golf a lot in my younger days.  These days, I play once a year in the annual KWMR golf tournament.  And that is happening tomorrow so I will be closed all day.  Back in the shop on Saturday at 10:00 a.m.  

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ride with Bruce Gordon...

I'm totally off the back posting the goodness that is a casual ride with Bruce Gordon.  It happens tomorrow (sorry for the short notice) and starts/ends at Bruce's shop in Petaluma.  It should be a fun ride and the weather is supposed to be great.  If you haven't seen Bruce's new retail shop and museum that contains all the bikes he's built for himself, you need to set your alarm and get to Bruce's tomorrow for a 9:00 a.m. ride.  Details are here:  Bruce Gordon Cycles Casual Ride!

(Photo by Michael B. Woolsey)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Closed and colors...

Black Mountain Cycles will be closed Tuesday June 10 thru Thursday June 12.  I'll be back in the shop on Friday.  In the mean time, here are a three new colors that I'm considering for the next run of cross frames scheduled to arrive some time in the Fall.  The maroon has a bit of metallic flake in it.  The blue is a Pantone® Dazzling Blue 18-3949.  The red...I don't recall what caused the request of the red color tube, but it's a nice deep red. 

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Four more hours...

If Sunday's 4 hour point/point/point ride wasn't enough, I got out the next day for 4 1/2 hours on a modified out and back ride.  The previous day was on the road bike.  This day was on the cross bike.  Got to mix it up, you know.  As with the point/point/point ride, this day's ride was also one I hadn't been on.  I'd always seen that the Estero Trail was legal for bikes (rare in this local National Park that is designated wilderness), but knowing that much of the trail is on open cattle range, knew the trail was likely pock marked from cow hooves.  There's nothing quite like riding on a hard packed trail that's marked with thousands of hoof print craters on a cross bike.  But, I did it and I'll probably do it again because there's some super fun parts of the ride.

The route I took out of Point Reyes Station took me up the dirt climb out of Inverness at the end of Perth Way.  From there I headed down the paved Mt. Vision Rd. and out Sir Francis Drake to the Estero Trailhead.  Wanting to get to both Sunset Beach and Drake's Head, I did the two as out and backs.  The first mile or so of the Estero Trail is fantastic.  It's a super fun single-track that winds through a small grove of trees and ends up out at the head of Home Bay.  From there, you're pretty much out in the open and not to disappoint, the wind blew.  

After completing the two out and backs, I thought "Inverness Ridge Trail."  I mean, why not.  It's just a climb back up Mt. Vision Rd. to get to it.  My plan was to end up at Perry's Deli for lunch so if I was going to have the sandwich I was planning, the extra climb would make lunch that much more deserved.  Total mileage and climbing - about 35 miles with 4,500' of climbing.  Pretty great stuff.

Foggy at the top of the first climb

Estero Trail.  The smooth part.

Home Bay

Low tide patterns on Home Bay

Looking down on the bridge where where my bike was perched in the photo two above.

Lots of wild flowers and open spaces

Where am I?

Limantour Spit from the top of Drake's Head

Another from the top of Drake's Head

It's so windy out here, the trees need to grow their own kickstands.

Still a bit overcast on the second trip over Mt. Vision

And saw a bobcat who stayed just off the trail checking things out

And this was for lunch.  

And this explains why it was foggy and windy all morning.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Give 'em the boot...

Been a while since I posted a "things I like" post, but these are just the best.  You can make your own, but it's kind of convenient to have these with their sticky backs that don't shift when installing.  What I'm talking about is the Park Tools "Emergency Tire Boot."  Personally, I would drop "emergency" and just call them "tire boot."  

What they do is patch a cut tire.  I've got thousands of miles on tires with boots in them.  I consider them to be a fairly permanent fix to a cut tire.  I get customers in who have tiny cuts in tires who want new tires even after I show them they can save their tire.  It's what I use, but I'm happy to sell a new tire too. 

The Park boots come in a pack of 3 or 4 and are fairly large.  Too large, so I cut mine in half and get double the amount out of a pack.  Here is a Challenge Strada tire that picked up a chunk of glass on a wet ride put of slice all the way through the tire.  Behind that nasty cut is a Park tire boot.  It's been holding strong for several hundred miles of pavement and dirt.  I figure I can get full life out of this tire with the boot.  Get some and keep them with your riding kit that should consist of tube, patch kit, multi-tool.

The cut in half boots I keep in my patch kit.

Before I used the Park boot, I used a piece of an old road tire - the thinner, the better.  I cut the bead off the tire and then cut the tire in to small 1" square sections and fit that behind the cut.  Works like a champ and everyone has old, worn out tires, right?

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Point to Point to Point to Point...

Or the out and back and out and back, out and back ride.  I've been in Point Reyes Station 7 years now and can't believe this was the first time I'd done this ride.  Done every part of it, but not combined it all.  It's basically combining what are typically two rides into one. 

What I'm talking about is a ride from Point Reyes Station to Pierce Point to the Point Reyes lighthouse and back to Point Reyes Station.  60 miles and I'm thinking a bit over 6,000' of climbing (remembering it's roughly 3,500' to Pierce Point and back to PRS and about the same to the lighthouse and back to PRS).  (edit:  That's what I get for thinking.  Actual climbing is 4,500'.)

What got me to tackle this ride now?  Last Saturday, the Dirty Kanza 200 was held and I keep seeing Facebook postings of guys tackling big miles and I felt like I needed to up my mileage (or more specifically my T.I.T.S - Time In The Saddle) on the days I have more than a couple hours to ride.  Last weekend I put in two 4 hour days in a row and between this recent Sunday when I spent 4 hours tackling this Point/Point/Point/Point ride and today's 4 1/2 hours, I'm feeling pretty good on the bike now.  Motivation seems to be with me.  For now.

The road to Pierce Point

Which was fully encased in fog

Rolling back from Pierce Point

Cows dig it out on the range

The cypress tunnel leading to the RCA building

The understatement of the year

There's a lighthouse down there

And back to Point Reyes Station

All the photos here:

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