Monday, May 12, 2014

Build kit updates...

I finally got a chance to update the build kits specs for the road bikes.  I also added an Ultegra 6800 build because this is simply a wonderful group - smooth shifting, great feeling levers.  Something I'd build for myself if I needed to build a new road bike from the ground up.  

There's also good news because the prices for the build kits went down and the spec of various parts went up (handlebars, seat posts, stems).  Better bikes for less!  For the road kits, here's the old and new prices.

Apex kit:  Old $2200, new $2065.
Rival kit:  Old $2525, new $2320.
105 kit:  Old 2375, new $2315.
New Ultegra 6800 kit:  $2795.

Here's the price changes for the cross bike build kits.

SRAM bar-con kit:  Old $2195, new $2170.
SRAM Rival kit:  Old $2425, new $2330 (now with Rival cranks and f/d too).
Shimano 105 kit:  Old $2280, new $2255.

Now is the time to get a build because it's likely the prices for components are currently lower because the manufacturers are going to be introducing new parts by Fall.  But, as long as I can buy at the current price, I'll pass the savings on to you.  That's actually what I've been doing all along, but didn't get a chance to update the build kit pages. Figured I'd get my act together and update the build kits since the road frames are here now and moving out to their new owners.  

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