Monday, April 14, 2014

Road, cross, MUSA frame updates + rider's rides....

Cross frames
That happened much faster than I expected.  Within 4 weeks after receiving this latest round of frames, I am sold out of the 59cm cross frames.  I do have a few 59cm orange frames from the previous round of frames.  I will be placing another order today for more frames.  No changes to this V3 design.  Maybe a new color (a maroon/burgundy with a metallic/pearl look) to go with a current color like orange.  Lead time for new frames is roughly 4 months.  More conservative, I probably won't see them for 6 months - that's mid-October.

Road frames
The road frames are on the water.  ETA for arrival at the Oakland port is April 28.  Colors are light blue and orange.  The APL England left Kaoshuing two days ago en route to Oakland.  I've got pre-orders for several frames.  If you ride a 56cm frame size and are on the fence, there is only one orange and one light blue available.  Time to get down off the fence.  

MUSA frames
Another round of the MUSA frames made by Cameron Falconer are scheduled.  Cameron's schedule is pack full.  The next available slot he has that he can dedicate to making Black Mountain Cycles cross frames is October.  As with the last run of frames, we need to make at least 3 per size to hit the target price (which will need to go up $100 to $1700).  I've got deposits for 59cm frames.  I've got to say, my frame that Cameron made is on of the best riding, most fun bikes I've ever had.  Call or e-mail with questions.

Riders rides
A lot of the frames that I sell get built up by the riders.  I see the frame and then that's it.  It's gone and, hopefully, it's being enjoyed by the rider.  I always like to hear back from owners that they are having a fun time with their new bike.  Here's a few recent riders' rides.

Mike's cross bike looks a lot like a bike I would have put together with the Sugino cranks and Shimano components.  Mike got on board with the custom color program with the V3 frames and chose root beer.  Clean, classic looking bike, Mike.  

Craig also went with the custom frame color for the V3 frames and chose light blue.  It's the only light blue cross bike on the roads today.  This bike will see plenty of action in the Dakotas and it is planned on tackling the Almanzo 162, Dirty Kanza 200, Odin's Revenge, and the Gravel World's this year.  Wishing you good fortune for your events, Craig.  If anyone else sees this light blue gravel grinder at those events, say "hey" for me.
 Stripped down.

Ready for action.

Eric's bike on trail 680 in Marin County.  
I built Eric's bike so he could tackle the variety of mixed-terrain rides in the bay area.  He is not wasting any time hitting the trails. 

Heather's bike
Heather's husband, Jeff,  has an orange cross bike and he wanted to get Heather a 35th wedding anniversary bike.  This 53cm frame was built with SRAM bar-end shifters, White Industries crank, White Industries T11 28h hubs and Velocity A23 rims.  Her personal brown leather Selle Anatomica seat is a nice match for the Salsa bar tape.  

Chris' bike
You simply cannot get an off-the shelf bike with components as varied as Retroshift, Pacenti, and Paul Components.  Unless, of course you're having me build a bike for you. 

Had a rush of custom wheels the past couple of weeks too.  Interesting that they were all H Plus Son Archetypes.  These are great rims.  Very nice wider road rim that is going to work great for cross or road applications.  Hubs on these builds included Chris King, White Industries, Schmidt, and Phil Wood.  Variety.

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Michael P. Pulido said...

These have 70mm bb drop, right? Any other changes to the geometry? Maybe it's just my eyes, but it looks like the top tube slopes up more on these--is that because of the lowered bb?

crosstrail said...

This BMC cross bike is smooth. All day comfort over rough roads, has-been roads and wanna-B roads. And my pictures do not do justice to that sky blue paint job. It just pops in the bright prairie sun! Highly recommended bike, on all fronts. Thanks, Mike. Craig

RoadieRyan said...

Nice builds! especially love the Orange bike, I hear its the fastest color ;-). Lovely components on Chris' bike I wonder how your customer likes the Retro Shifters? As a former brifter and current friction user the retroshift concept intrigues me.

blackmountaincycles said...

@Michael - the seat tube length, head tube length and fork length were unchanged with the change to 70mm drop from 65mm. The 5mm increase in drop did result in more top tube slope - 0.5 degrees more. You've got good eyes!

@Craig - thank you! I'm glad you are digging the bike. Enjoy the ride.

@RoadieRyan - the few customers I have on Retroshift love them. Chris will be picking his bike up this weekend so I don't have any direct feedback from him. There are some good reviews on them by Guitar Ted on his various sites.