Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sonoma County ride...

It's rare that I throw the bike in the car and drive somewhere to ride.  But, with Monday being a holiday, the shop's closed on Monday, and the calm before the storm of new cross frames arrive, I thought it would be a good call to do just that.  I had planned on a loop out of Freestone (natural, since there is a good bakery there) that would encompass riding up through Occidental and Cazadero before heading to the coast via Fort Ross Road and Meyers Grade Road before heading back up and over into Freestone via dirt on Willow Creek Road.  

The weather cooperated nicely with temps in the high 50s/low 60s and a slight headwind early, followed by a nice tailwind when I needed it most at the end of the ride.  With a later start than I usually have, it seemed like a long day out on the roads.  I must say that there are some great rides in Marin County, but there's just not a lot of them.  Up in Sonoma, however, there are a lot of narrow, twisting roads that traverse the hills in the west part of the county.  Plenty of steeps and plenty of views.  World class road riding.  

Paralleled Austin Creek for a while on Austin Creek Road.

Came around a corner on Fort Ross Road and saw this.  It ended up being a clever wooden cutout of a mountain lion silhouetted up on the ridge.

Fort Ross Road was washed out, but without workers on the scene, I could traverse the edge on foot.

Plenty of greenery out on the ride.

And one huge moss covered boulder.

Fort Ross Road is 10 miles of this.

Finally at the top overlooking the Pacific.

A welcome sign after spending a long time climbing.

It's a fun descent back down to sea level.

Old barn on Willow Creek Road.

Dirt road climb on Willow Creek Road.

(What's playing:  KWMR "Silver Dollar Jukebox" and Patsy Cline Walking After Midnight)


Chris Reino said...

Looks just incredible Mike! I would sure love to ride with you sometime in your country...Also, if you are ever in the McCall area, would love to show your my favorite roads.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great pics. Those of here in the snow-covered upper Midwest can only look and dream...

dan, in wi where it's a steamy 45 degrees today after weeks in single digits

Chris said...

That is so awesome, I can't WAIT to leave Alaska and get back down to where I can consistently ride… Will hopefully be down that way this summer for a visit…