Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jam packed with a ride too...

Some good news on the tire front.  WTB announced over the weekend that they're doing a "gravel" tire.  I'd talked with them going back on 5 years in an attempt to put out their timeless Nanoraptor in a 45mm version.  At that time, there wasn't demand in such a size.  I guess there still isn't demand, but don't tell that to all the happy riders on Bruce Gordon's Rock 'n Road tires (yeah, they're 43s, but it's close enough).  The gravel tire WTB will put out will be a 40mm version of the Nanoraptor.  Should be a good all-rounder based on the tread pattern that is still one of my favorites. 

The last 59cm US made cross frame finally got it's build on last week.  A mix of new King R45/HED Belgian wheels with Bruce Gordon tires built with Campagnolo 10 speed parts donated from the customers older road bike that was rebuilt with 11 speed.  Paul Component Mini-Motos in Amigo Orange rounded out the build.

It's been a long wait, but more cross frames showed up yesterday.  It was a spectacular, clear, sunny day with a high of 73.  It was also my one day off and yeah, it would have been a great day to be on the bike, but I did get a little spin in the morning and a longer ride the day before.  Sixty three frames are here.  Fifteen are going out as framesets and 4 are getting the full build.  It's going to rain on Wednesday, so I've got my chores set for some rainy days prepping frames and building bikes.  

There still are available frames in both gray and green in all sizes (except 59cm green - those are sold out).  

Waiting to be prepped - two at a time.

And speaking of that ride on Sunday, the recent rains we've had, after zero rain in January, have started turning the hills green again.  One of my favorite rides is the road out to Pierce Point.  On Sunday, it was socked in with fog, but in one of the clear areas I came across this Red Tailed Hawk perched on a fence post.  It didn't seem too concerned with me as I stopped on the other side of the road and snapped a couple photos.  When I got clipped back into the pedals, it finally flew off.  It was a big bird!

(What's playing:   John Lennon Whatever Gets You Through The Night)


bubba said...

It was cool to see that you received a specific shout-out on the Nano. There really are a lot of really cool tires out there these days, aren't there?

It sounds like the Nano won't be around until Summer. Is that your read on things, too?

blackmountaincycles said...

What I read was April, but that probably means Summer.