Monday, January 27, 2014

Taking the queens out...

Some folks build and restore old bikes to be trailer queens.  On Sunday, a small group of vintage bikes headed out for a romp on the trails around China Camp State Park.  Not a trailer queen in the bunch.  In fact, there was no treating the bikes with kid gloves.  Just some good fun, spirited riding.  And not one anodized blue crank in the bunch.  Riders.

Here's what we rode:

While not technically vintage (hell, the bike's less than 6 months old), this was given a bye simply because we said so.  

I rode my Stumpjumper Team.  First ride on it since it fell into my lap last year.  It's one great riding bike.

Brian rode his Koski Trailmaster.

Rumpfy rode his Salsa ala Carte - with extra crispy tires that developed no less than 3 sidewall splits in the dried out casing.  A few well-placed boots and some mildly careful riding and he finished the ride with the tire still in one piece.

Scott's Steve Potts.

Joe's super sweet Ibis Custom with all the options.

(What's playing:  Lone Justice Rattlesnake Mama)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cross frame update...

Got word a few weeks ago that the newest run of cross frames was ready for paint.  Last night, I got an e-mail with a teaser shot of some finished painted frames and they should be on the water soon with arrival by the end of January.  Three of the frames will be in the hands of their new owners sooner with two frames going to customers in Taiwan and one in Japan that are being send direct from the factory.  The rest will be making a slow trip across the Pacific.  For now, all I have is this photo, but rest assured, the folks who ordered the custom colors (light blue, champagne, root beer) will have theirs too.  For now, here's the orange, green, and gray.

(What's playing:  Prince Delirious)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More Floyd shirts...

Wow, the Floyd t-shirt was a nice success.  All of the large men's t-shirt sold out and there are a few of the other sizes left so it's time to reorder.  The olive is a great color and will remain.  Last week a friend said I should do a limited edition pink t-shirt.  I thought that was a pretty cool idea, but wondered if there would be any demand.  I mean, really, who would want a pink Floyd t-shirt?  Anyone?  And if you do like a light pink or a fuchsia.  Or if I'm completely bonkers.  

(What's playing:  The Paladins Going Down To Big Mary's)