Saturday, November 16, 2013

Closed Sunday Nov. 17...

Like the heading says, I'll be closed on Sunday the 17th.  Back on Tuesday.  Ride lots.

Mt. Tam Ride

(What's playing:  Boz Scaggs Loan Me A Dime)

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john Bokman said...

Mike, I was interested to hear about your new bike, and particularly about he gearing choices you made.

I recently got a new bike, too! An Ocean Air Rambler Rando bike. It's really fun! But I have yet to optimize my gearing for the way I ride.

I run a V.O. Crankset (46x30) with a 118" V.O. bottom bracket, a shimano 11-28 ten speed cassette with a shimano 105 short cage rear derailieur.

It's a good all-purpose set up, but gives me two high gears I don't need (114" and 105") in the 11 and 12 tooth cogs. I'd rather have more useable gears in the middle or on the low end.

I could potentially swap to another Crankset such as your beautiful White Industries which would give me different options. But would it not be far less expensive and easier to swap cassettes to a wide-range 9 speed, something like a 12-32 or 12-34?

But can I run such a cassette with my current derailieur? Etc. I know the short cage derailieur is not theoretically able to push into larger rings, but have heard some do successfully.

Any thoughts on the best method for getting into the range I want?

Thanks Mike for your thoughts.