Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time is running out...

Time is running out to get yourself a custom color cross frame.  As per this post, I am offering the chance to get a cross frame painted in any of the past colors I have done if you want something different than the green or gray that will make up the bulk of this new production run.  August 31 (yes, I now know there are 31 days in August) is the deadline to get payment in full to me for a frame painted in your choice of past colors (champagne, orange, root beer, light blue).  The price for these frames is the same as the standard color even though my cost is a bit more.  And the price is unchanged since day one when I first offered framesets - $595.  So far, the response has been pretty darn good with orders for champagne, orange, and light blue, as well as orders for green.  Anyone want a root beer frame to get all the colors represented? 

Availability for this run of frames is still looking like sometime in November.

The previous post with the photo of the green sample tube didn't turn out great as the actual color is a bit darker.  Here's a shot that better represents the actual green color.  It's cool.  Floyd thinks it's cool too.


(What's playing:  Ultravox Reap The Wild Wind)

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