Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Footnote from a bike shop...

As a sole-proprietor, owner/operator, one-man bike shop, it really is all about me.  I'm not necessarily comfortable with that.  I try to avoid using "I" when I write a blog post, but that's pretty much impossible so I limit its use.  Even though it pretty much is all about me, I want it to be about you.  I want folks to come in and enjoy the experience.  To some people, there isn't much to see in the shop.  To others, there's an endless supply of things to check out. 

I almost didn't write that post on the "Not A Real Bike Shop" because I didn't want (still don't) to make it seem like I was snooty and that the people of commented that it wasn't a real shop were somehow contemptible.  It's not that way at all.  Black Mountain Cycles simply wasn't their kind of shop and I'm okay with that.  Honest.  In the same way that I love riding my steel road frame with 30mm tires, it's okay if they love riding their Trek Madone with 23mm tires.  Now, if they ask for my advice about tires size, well, then I'm going to let them know that fat is where it's at.

I do appreciate all the positive comments here and on the Facebook page.  The comments about not being a real bike shop didn't sting.  Those folks simply have a different local bike shop experience where they are from.  Being in a tourist town, I have folks from all over the world come into the shop.  I'm sure the shop they frequent is great at providing them with their needs.  If all the shops were the same, it would be pretty boring. 

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bubba said...

I think it's the rack of orange undies on the wall that throws some people, and attracts others. Orange undies are polarizing.