Thursday, August 15, 2013

Custom cross frame colors...

The current batch of cross frames is just about sold out.  I've got a couple 65cm frames in orange and gray and a few 56cm and 59cm frames in orange.  I place a new order about a month ago for more cross frames.  There are a couple of minor changes to this next run:  increased bottom bracket drop by 5mm (4mm on 50cm and 53cm as their drop was already more than the other sizes) and a slight s-bend to the chainstay for better crankarm clearance.  The S-bend is not as pronounced as the US made frames.  It's an 's' bend, not and 'S' bend.  Lead time for frame production is roughly 80 days, then they need to go to paint, boxing and shipping.  All in all, I'm looking at around early November for delivery.  If it's earlier, great, but early November is what I expect.

Colors!  There will be a new color for the cross frame that is inspired by Floyd, the shop frog.  The second color will be gray.  I'll probably split the color 50/50 through the size mix.  That is unless you want a custom color.  Well, not totally custom, that would be too difficult to manage.  I can, however, manage the coordination of a color that has previously been used in the run of any of the road or cross frames.  There is a catch, though.  I'll get to that later.

So, say you want one of the new frames, but you're not quite digging the green or gray.  What you really dig is the light blue that is coming on the newest run of road frames (in paint this week, by the way).  Or you like the orange, or root beer, or champagne.  Here's the catch:  through the month of August, with a non-refundable frame payment in full, I'll arrange for your cross frame to be painted in light blue (or orange, or root beer, or champagne).  Those are the only color choices and it requires a non-refundable payment for the full frame price.  Did I mention the payment was non-refundable?  Just making sure.  

Pre-payment price doesn't include shipping, unless you want to add it.  Frame prices remain the same regardless of color - $595 for all sizes except 65cm, $545 for the 65cm (because it's made with a bit thicker main tubes and is not heat-treated).  Shipping costs are $25 to the Pacific Time Zone, $30 to Mountain, $35 to Central, and $40 to the Eastern Time Zone. 

There you have it.  I get to pick the two colors for the production run and you get to pick a different color if those two don't float your boat.  Win-Win!  Time is running out.  The door to the custom color program closes at the stroke of midnight on the last day of August.  I think that's the 30th because July just had 31 days and I don't think there are two months in a row with 31 days each.  

Floyd Green
In person, the green is a bit more yellow and there is a yellow/gold pearl/metallic to it.  It's cool.

(What's playing:  Neko Case Set Out Running)


Anonymous said...

Serious curve ball there...thanks Floyd! Mike, can you post a few more pics of the green tubing so we can get a better look at it? Thnx. ~Jeffery

bubba said...

Is the new-round of crosser still 130mm and horizontal dropouts in back?

Guitar Ted said...

Ah! I loved the grey, but I have to get a green one. It's one of my favorite colors, next to purple.

Anonymous said...

July and August both have thirty one days and your two new colors look good on my monitor.

Chris said...

I'm digging that green! I'm glad you didn't give me this option when I put my down payment on my road frame as I'd been real tempted... but I HAVE to have an orange BMC bike and I don't feel like giving up my rootbeer cross... :D

Anonymous said...

I really dig the new colors!

Will the new frames still have the Chinese script in white under the clearcoat on the top tubes?

If there is any way *not* to have it (or have it over the clear and removable) I would REALLY love it. I get that you have it there as a homage to the production site, but I find the font/color/logo mismatch with your wonderful down tube logo so jarring aesthetically.