Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Black or with creme...

Do you like your coffee black?  Perhaps you like your coffee with a bit of milk or creme?  Now all you black coffee drinkers (that's me) can match your Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road tires to your coffee taste.  All black BG Rock 'n Road tires in stock at Black Mountain Cycles along with the tan skin walls.  

Rock 'n Road
Black & Tan

And with regards to coffee, my best advice is to learn to like it black.  That way, you can drink coffee anywhere in the world when creme is not available.  

(What's playing:  Led Zeppelin Live At Albert Hall 1970)


Anonymous said...

. . .I like the idea of back coffee, an espresso with a couple spoons of sugar. . but currently addicted to half and half with the strongest possible french roast thru a stove top espresso. . . too strong to drink it black!. . .i'll take those black casings none the less

Ari said...

My friend Dereek Von Weider has been rocking those tan walls. He finished Trans Iowa on them and Sunday we are doing the Guitar Ted Death Ride invitational. The route will be 135 miles of never ending rolling hills in the Driftless zone of eastern Iowa.
I am still loving my BMC monstercross.

Mike Pailliotet said...

Put the blacks on Eric B's new bike.

Tell him anything else is not worthy.

Jim Bangs said...

My Dad taught me to drink coffee black and your bourbon (or scotch!) neat. Plus, no fruit in your beer!