Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Getting closer...

The Falconer built frames are getting closer.  Cameron came over a few days ago with a front triangle to verify tire clearance and crank/chainring clearance.  Big thumbs up on both aspects.  The final step is to finish this frame (which happens to be Cameron's size), powder coat it, build it and give it a spin to verify it works like it should and then finish the welding on all the other frames.  This will happen rather rapidly as all the other materials are ready to be fit up into frames.  We could probably just go ahead and finish all the other frames, but we like being 110% sure.  

The time it takes to get a first project like this finished also undergoes continual reassessment.  Initially, we thought we could finish all the frames in May, but there are always hurdles - and more importantly, other jobs that put food on the table.  In addition to building frames, Cameron also works in metal for construction and architectural projects.  I cannot begrudge Cameron for good paying work when it comes up.  And the reality is that even if the frames were done and painted today, it's taken an extra long time to get the decals and head badge finished.  I have final art for the decals to approve today and the artwork for the badge is still undergoing some tweaking.  Hopefully, decals, head badges, and frames are all working together amongst themselves so they're all ready at the same time.

In the mean time, there it's not too late to get your order in for one of these frames.  That is, it's not too late if you are a 62cm or 56cm size as all of the 59cm frames have been spoken for.  There are a couple of 56cm frames available and one 62cm frame.  Don't fear, though, we'll make more.  And if you want a 50cm, 53cm, or a 65cm, we'll make those too.  All I need is one order for one size and I'll go ahead with a three piece run of that size, since we need to do runs of three to make it feasible.  

Someone asked about geometry recently.  Geometry is the same as the Taiwanese sourced frame with one exception:  the bottom bracket drop was increased to 70mm, which means the bottom bracket height is 5mm lower.  Geometry is found on this page.

1st Sample Frame
50/34 ring clearance and plenty of room for a 29" x 1.75" tire.

1st Sample Frame
More than enough clearance for the Ultegra arms.  

1st Sample Frame
Triple top tube cable stop.

1st Sample Frame
Sample frame.

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Ben Witt said...

Damn Mike, that's gorgeous.

MG said...

I agree with you, Ben, 100%! An awesome project that will result in some beautiful frames.

Great work, Mike. Patience is a virtue and your buyers certainly won't be disappointed when they receive a frame that's just right.