Monday, February 11, 2013

And now for something US made...

This is something that I've thought about for quite a while:  made in the USA Black Mountain Cycles frames.  The problem has always been that the minimum requirements are pretty high.  Not that they aren't high for Taiwan made frames, but I have connections there and can skirt the 'normal' minimum requirements.  Luckily, some developments came about within the past few weeks and I'm getting ready to offer a limited run of US made monster cross frames - San Francisco made monster cross frames, to be specific.  

Yep, that's right.  Cameron Falconer and I will be working together to build small runs of the same frames that folks know and dig.  The first frame we'll offer is the monster cross frame.  It will have clearance for the Bruce Gordon 43mm Rock 'n Road tires.  There's reasons why there won't be more clearance.  The main one is I want to ensure that standard road cranks, with their narrower q-factor will fit around the chainstays.  And this is more cross bike than mountain bike.  We'll be using US made True Temper tubing and frame bits from Paragon Machine Works.  

As I get more details, I'll post them up.  Suffice it to say, these are going to be very sweet frames.  They'll come in slightly lighter than the current Taiwan frames.  Cost on the frame/fork is targeted at $1600.  The only rub is that we need to make these in batches of at least three per frame size and I would dearly love to get pre-orders for them.  And because I ride a 62, the first frame size will be 62 and if someone orders a 56, we'll do 56's too.  

It's important to note that these are limited production frames and not custom frames.  We'll be using the geometry I developed for the existing frames.  We'll pick a color for the frames.  And we'll target a lead time of pretty damn quick.   They are going to be bad ass.  More details in the coming days. 

So, who's in?   

A Falconer I built up last week that sparked this new project.

(What's playing:  The Flying Burrito Brothers Hippie Boy)


ol'grumpy said...

SO SICK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My ideal monster cross would have a rear disc and front canti - is that heresy?

Dustin said...

This will be a rad bike. Radder still if it was spec'd for 135mm rear spacing and disk brakes, but I know that's not everyone's cup of tea.

Tim said...

I'm sure all you who need the disc brakes can have the disc brakes, just pony up.

Ray Stedronsky said...

Is this steel frame AND steel fork?

Or is it some version of a carbon fork?

I'd strongly prefer the steel.

Dave said...

My buddy has a Falconer and loves it! Black Mountain frames made by Falconer is like War playing back up for Eric Burdon.