Thursday, January 3, 2013

Look back, look forward...

So, it seems one now needs to remember to write 2013 on their checks instead of 2012.  That might take some time, some crossing out, some initialing to instill.  I am not typically a retrospective person and I'm not one to make resolutions.  So, a New Years post getting all gushy over the past while offering insights on personal growth and changes for the future ain't a gonna happen here.  What today is is simply my 18,491st day on this here rock.  One day at a time.  Do what needs to be done today and tomorrow will naturally fall into place.  Yesterday?  Yep, that happened.  

However, I would like to give a big ole "thank you" to folks who have supported the shop by buying frames and bikes and t-shirts and having me build wheels and service their bikes.  It's as much fun as it's always been and I do appreciate everyone who has, in some way, kept me busy at the shop.  ¡Muchas gracia!

So, what's going on?  Well, the gray monster cross frames were a resounding success.  So much so that unless you are a book end on the size range, gray is sold out.  The only sizes available in gray are 50cm and 65cm.  Plenty of orange in all sizes, though.

Speaking of 65cm frames, these were pretty much a dice throw.  In fact, the whole business plan was a dice throw.  There was no real, solid detail that there was a big demand for a bike shop in Point Reyes Station.  There was no demand for frames coming out of a shop here.  I had a hunch.  Actually, a pretty good hunch and luckily, it paid off.  So, yeah, 65cm frames.  Had a hunch about these too.  The market for bikes and frames to fit the 6'3" and taller crowd is pretty limited.  Why not.  So far, these big man-sized frames have been sprinkled around the country, from the Santa Cruz area, to the mid-west. 

Okay, so maybe I am getting a bit retrospective.  What can you expect from a retrogrouch?  There's a good way to stop that introspection and that's to post a couple of photos of recent builds.  

Someone's Christmas present
This 50cm was built for a local woman who had her mountain bike stolen late last summer.  She also has a road bike, but now that she's ridden this one on both dirt and pavement, she is loving how smooth it is on both and says she wants to sell the road bike and be a one-bike kinda gal.  This is pretty much a 105 10-speed build with an XT rear derailleur and an SLX 11-36 cassette.  Tires are 40mm Clement MSO on Velocity A23 rims.  Fenders are Velo Orange 50mm wide Zeppelin.  

62cm Cross
The owner of this one saw the gray and dug it so much that he decided to buy a gray frame and have the parts from his first generation 62cm orange frame transferred (that 62 orange frame will be offered for sale soon as a used frameset).  This owner had an "a ha" moment recently when he installed the Bruce Gordon Rock 'n Road 43mm tires on his bike (available in the shop or mail order for $50 per tire - just sayin').  Previously, he had been a die hard skinny, high-pressure cross tire rider.  We're talking 32's at 80 psi.  His first ride on the BG tires was a revelation at the capability of a tire that actually had traction in the dirt and was smooth on the road.  He's still running more pressure than I would, but he'll come to see the benefits of lower pressure.  

Okay, now go and have a great Thursday.  

(What's playing:  Nick Lowe Endless Sleep)


Guitar Ted said...

Thanks to you, Mike, for having the hunch and the cajones to act on it. Love my BMC frame and I recommend them to whoever asks about a good gravel grinder rig. Thanks!

blackmountaincycles said...

And a big THANK YOU to you, Mark as well!

Mike said...

Ill be picking up my 65 cm Uber Cross this Saturday.

Thanks for taking care of us oafs Mike!!

Brian A said...

Mike - You've been quite an inspiration this past year - BMC blogs introduced me to the joys of onroad/offroad monstercross. And your suggestion for solving my fork chatter problems with a Paul MiniMoto was spot on - loving that brake. Thanks again.

tim said...

Can't wait to hear the defenders;)