Friday, December 21, 2012

Tradesman by Soulcraft...

In between arranging for the arrival and shipping out frames (including some frames that weren't supposed to ship), I picked up a medium Soulcraft Tradesman that finally got built this last week.  I built it with a complete Shimano SLX kit.  The frame's bottom bracket is a PF30 so I used a RaceFace PF30 to 24mm bottom bracket.  It's a nice piece that doesn't incorporate adapters.  Less chance of creaky, creaky.  The other key parts are hand built wheels with WTB Frequency i19 rims, WTB Wolverine TCS tires (all set up tubeless), XT rear hub, SRAM X.9 15mm front hub, Fox fork with the CTD thing, Thomson stem, Ritchey seat post, Salsa bars...  Good just go out and ride the heck out of it build.  $3995 as it sits.  Just in time for Christmas.

Soulcraft Tradesman

(What's playing:  Bob Dylan Everything Is Broken)


Anonymous said...

Too many shocks, too many gears! ;)

Chris said...

awesome build Mike, wish I could pick it up! Someone will be a lucky owner for sure!

Tim Joe Comstock said...

Speaking of soul-craft, Happy Holidays!

Your Blog is a constant source of joy and inspiration. Thanks!