Thursday, December 20, 2012

They're here...

As it might be surmised, the frames arrived on Monday.  Unloading and organizing by frame size followed along with pulling frames that were already sold.  Frameset QC check ensued.  This involved checking frame alignment, paint and decals, a few measurements, check crankset fitment - all good.  The frames that were sold with headsets had cups and races installed and installation of the minor parts that come with the frame:  dropout adjusters, threaded cable stops, front derailleur roller.  Five of these frames were picked up by FedEx today for delivery to their new homes.  Several more are in various stages of gathering parts for building.  And I still had to finish repairs on three other bikes that came in.  Busy.  

The gray frames turned out better than expected.  The decals that are somewhat black/white/gray scale look really great on the gray.  In the ensuing days, I have some interesting builds that will be taking place and will post pictures of those as they happen.  There are going to be some great looking bikes finding new homes from right here in Pt. Reyes Station to points around the states.  For now, here are a couple views of the new gray frames.  The only drawback to showing off this great looking frame is that, with the exception of the 50cm and 65cm size, they are sold out.  

Gray Cross

Gray Cross

65cm Cross
New 65cm frame size

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