Monday, December 17, 2012

Cross frame update...

First, I want to thank everyone who has pre-paid for your cross frames.  I'm pretty much totally overwhelmed by the response to this second run of frames.  As it stands today, gray 56, 59, and 62 are sold out.  There are two 50cm, one 53cm, and several 65cm frames available in gray.  All sizes in orange are available.  Maybe when I order the third run of frames, I'll order equal amounts of two colors - whatever they happen to be.  It seems the color I order the fewer of, the more popular it is.  

Second, it's looking like the frames will be delivered today, Monday.  I suppose something could delay them one day, but the word is delivery Monday.  It's also looking like it's going to rain so I'll be hustling to get them off the pallets and into my storage container.  I'll need a day to make sure everything is okay and get headsets and bottom brackets installed for those who ordered them with headsets and/or bottom brackets.  I'm aiming to get the pre-sold frames shipped on Wednesday, Thursday at the latest.  FedEx doesn't make a daily stop at the shop and I need to schedule pickups and because I'm out of FedEx's "day of" pick up range, it takes a day for FedEx to pick up the frames.  I'll be sending e-mails to everyone who ordered with a tracking number to those frames being shipped.  

Now to wait for the truck and hope it's during a break in the rain...

Black Mountain from Inverness Ridge.

(What's playing:  Van Morrison And It Stoned Me)

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