Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 update...

Now that I have info, I can update folks.  First bit of info, the boat with the frames is at the dock in Oakland.  It should be unloaded today then the frames need to get through customs and finally trucked up to Pt. Reyes Station.  I'm guessing early next week for arrival here, but it could be quicker.  As soon as I hear more info, I'll pass it on.  

As for the "Fortnight of Cyber Specials," that's still on until through the 14th.  So far quite a few people have taken advantage of the specials.  There is only one of the FSA crank/bb sets available, but there is no limit to the tire or headset or brake offerings.  Two days to go.  

On the first production run of frames, I ordered approximately 75% root beer and 25% orange.  Orange sold out well in advance of the root beer.  For the second run of frames, the color mix is similar, but with orange at 75% and gray at 25%.  It seems gray is now the new orange with it being pre-sold at a much greater rate than orange.  If you are sitting on the fence and hemming and hawing, but you like the gray, I suggest ordering early.  There are only two each of 50cm, 53cm, 56cm, and 62cm gray available now.  As you notice, I didn't mention gray 59cm as it is sold out.  There is good supply of both orange and gray 65cm frames and good supply of all orange frames.  

Two days to get free stuff with your cross frame order.  And thank you to those who pre-ordered your frames. 

(What's playing:  Mumford & Sons Roll Away Your Stone)

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