Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday WITS...

Catching up on "what's in the stand" on a hump day.  Well, by now, Wednesday is almost over.  After finishing the Potts below, another Ritchey Timber Comp that came in for a tune up and a front wheel rebuild, a Blur pivot bearing replacement, and a radio show, I can now finish this post that I started over 12 hours ago.  

First up, a nifty modern bike.  I've always had a soft spot for Ibis having owned an early 90s SS model and a couple of their tandems.  This carbon Mojo HD is a pretty sweet bike with some nice features and clean cable routing.  Throw and XT parts kit on it and it's a super reliable trail bike.


This Fat Chance titanium came in for a build up from the ground up.  Sweet little bike.  The only part that wasn't going to work was the tweaked old XTR front derailleur.  Bit of a mix of parts, but it all works well.  

Fat Chance

The late model WTB ti Phoenix had its fork sent off for a fresh coat of paint at Joe Bell's paint shop.  The goal was paint that matched the raw titanium tubes.  JB pretty much nailed it. 


While waiting for the fork, the brake springs were taper ground.  The original round spring was ground flat on one side.  The grinding is tapered back to round about 1/2 down.  This gives the brake feel a much more linear feel as opposed to feeling like the spring tension in the brake ramps up.  

Taper ground spring

This Steve Potts from about '83 or '84 had some frame damage.  It was repaired by Steve and then repainted in the original white color.  Turned out great.  It's built out with the original hand-made "swiss cheese" roller-cams, early WTB hub in front and a modern Phil Wood in back.  

Steve Potts

New bearings in the Grease Guard system.
Grease Guard bottom bracket

Potts front end

SP head badge

Suntour Mighty shifters grafted on to Magura brake levers.
Integrated lever

And finally, this old Vita-Sprint was fixed up with a new old triple crankset to replace the cottered steel crank with rings that must be 52/48 combo.  The plastic Simplex derailleurs were cracked and replaced with simple Shimano Tourney derailleurs.  But the big improvement was the drop bar replacement to the more upright bar/brake lever set.  Fun bike to commute on.  


(What's playing:  Merle Haggard The Bottle Let Me Down)


jimmythefly said...

On the Phoenix, those are Morati cranks, no? Also what's up with the bottle cage?

-Went to the flickr and see it's two Nitto cages modded together. Is it the same age as the frame -did the frame come with 3 bottle bosses originally?

I've got an old Blackburn B52 cage but don't know much about it, so seeing multiple bottle bosses interests me.

blackmountaincycles said...

Morati cranks, yes. Yes, two cages melded into one for large bottles. Yes, the bike originally came with 3 bosses. Before the modded Nitto cage was installed, this bike had a WTB designed Blackburn B52 cage which utilized the 3 bosses. The 3 boss was an option on WTB Phoenix frames - a natural since WTB also designed the B52 cage.

jimmythefly said...