Monday, November 19, 2012

Rock 'n Road Ride Beats the Rain...

When you read a weather forecast and it says "90% chance of precipitation" on any given day, it doesn't mean that it's going to rain (there are other types of precipitation, but I'll use rain for this case) 90% of that day.  It just means that there is a 90% chance it will rain at some point during the forecast period of time.  In the case of last Saturday's "Short Notice Rock 'n Road Tire Shameless Self-Promotion Ride," there was a 90% chance of rain.  And rain it did.  Overnight, it rained about 2 inches, letting up between dawn and about 5:30 p.m. giving us excellent conditions for a bike ride. 

Eight of us left the shop a bit after 9:30 a.m. and headed on the road through Inverness for a climb up the Perth fire road.  The climb out of Inverness is about 1/3 road, 2/3 dirt and ascends about 1100' in about 2.5 miles.  Pretty hearty climb.  From the top, it's a short spin on pavement across the Inverness Ridge to Mt. Vision where the pavement turns to a sweet (short) single-track that descends to the "saddle."  From the saddle, it's a double track roller-coaster that dumps you out at the top of Sunnyside Dr., a paved/dirt residential road.  The final dirt section is a ripping fast fire road that ends at the Bayview Trailhead parking lot on Limantour Rd.  From there, it's a descent on Limantour Rd. back to Pt. Reyes Station.  Pretty fun on/off-road loop and one that I do quite frequently.

Even after so much rain, the entire section of dirt was free of mud.  It all drains very well thanks to the topography and the fact that the dirt is virtually all decomposed granite.  With 8 of us, there was some variance in riding ability.  It was a group ride, not a race so we all waited and made sure everyone made the important turns.  At the top of Perth, up in the clouds, Ken was there opening his flask for a wee dram of MacCallan's.

The weather was perfect.  Yes, perfect.  Bruce Gordon was there aboard his brand new monster cross bike for its maiden voyage in the dirt.  We got back to the shop at noon and commenced to dig into the ice chest for beers and called in an order of carnitas and chicken burritos from Whale of A Deli and proceeded to start telling lies.  Thanks to everyone who came out.

BG Rock 'n Road Ride
Bruce's new machine.

BG Rock 'n Road Ride
Ready to head out.

BG Rock 'n Road Ride
Rolling through Inverness.

BG Rock 'n Road Ride
The top of Mt. Vision was socked in, but descending, we dropped below the clouds and were treated to this great view of Tomales Bay.

BG Rock 'n Road Ride

BG Rock 'n Road Ride

BG Rock 'n Road Ride

(What's playing:  The Black Keys Howlin' For You)


gypsybytrade said...

More pictures of Bruce's bike, please. Looks very nice, but dimensionally similar to the BMC Cross.

What other bikes made the ride? Were many riders on Rock'n'Road tires?


Anonymous said...

Dang! I would have been Top Ten in something for the first time in my life!

(three toed sloth knuck tat)

blackmountaincycles said...

Sorry Nicholas, no other pictures. I barely remembered to take these photos. When I'm part of an event, I tend to forget to document it via photos and instead enjoy it as it happens.

Other bikes - two Bruce Gordons, two Black Mountain Cyles, one Soma, one Marin, two Jamis. Three of us were on Rock 'n Road tires and one more left the event with a new set on his bike.

Jason Stanford said...

Were the BMC guys on the road frame or the cross?

blackmountaincycles said...

Cross frames, Jason.

Jake Hess said...

One of these days Mike we will join you as your rides look epic!

blackmountaincycles said...

And one of these days, I'll make it south for one of your boogies. Peter Johnson said he had a great time when he's been out with you guys.