Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I don't know why.  I've never really had anyone ask for it.  But then I never really had any demand for the cross or road frames when I had the first run of frames produced.  I rolled the dice.  The dice are still coming up 7's.  

With no real demand, I rolled again on a new, larger cross frame size:  65cm.  Yeah, it's big.  Man-sized.  I'm 6'3" tall and have my seat with 175mm cranks set at 85.1cm from the center of the bb to the top of the seat.  My size and that seat height are about max for the current 62cm frame.  I made the 62cm size to fit me.  But, if you are my size or taller and like to ride with a position that gets the top of the drops up around the seat height and don't want to run a lot of spacers, the 65cm size would be a good choice for you. 

The other significant change I made was increasing the steerer tube length on the 59cm and 62cm to 350mm from 300mm.  The 65cm size also gets the 350mm length steerer.  Compared to the 62cm size, the 65 frame's top tube was stretched out by 15mm and the head tube length was lengthened to 215mm.  Below is the new geometry chart with the 65cm frame added.  

Oh, one more thing, because the dropout is longer on the new frame by about 10mm, the 432mm chainstay length is to the middle of the dropout instead of to the forward position as on the first production.  This means that you can get a shorter chainstay length if you want, but still have the same length if you pull the wheel all the way back.  There's also more adjustability for those who want to run single-speed gearing.

On, one more, one more thing that I have mentioned previously; this 65cm frame has thicker walled (0.9/0.6/0.9) top and down tubes and is not heat-treated.  This also resulted in a $50 lower price of $545 compared to $595 for the other heat-treated sizes.

BMC Frame Geometry

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.s.s. said...

Nice, tempting. I am riding a old 65cm Medici road frame now and love the fit. Every frame I ride gets bigger and bigger.

Anonymous said...

Ill be replacing my 64cm Atlantis with one of these in January

time to pick up the pace..

.s.s. said...

Can you comment on if/how fenders work with the monstercross frame? I looked through your "BMC Mike" flickr and others photos on-line and couldn't find any examples with fenders.

I understand that the frame has fender braze-ons, but I am guessing that it would be difficult to achieve aesthetically pleasing fender lines, due to the very large tire clearance.

blackmountaincycles said...

.s.s. - the bridges are equidistant at 385mm from a point roughly in the middle of the dropout. Shouldn't be any more difficult to get a good fender line than on any other bike. But if the fenders are around a small-ish tire, there may be a gap between the fender and tire.

.s.s. said...

Ok, sounds good. Thank you for the response.