Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NorCal bred bike...

(Update:  about a week after this post, this particular bike was sold.  However, within a few weeks, I'll have all sizes so you can get a duplicate built in your size.)

I built this bike up for the recent Ruota Libera show at Una Pizza Napoletana.  My goal was to represent the parts makers from the area.  Not only friends, but makers of great parts that I'm proud to sell in my shop.  I think the bike turned out great.  It's exactly how I might set up a cross bike for myself if I was putting one together today.  However, I can't seem to justify building a new one when the current one is working just fine.  So, maybe someone out there can justify this beauty.  As it sits, $3,345.  But, I could probably whittle that down to an even $3k if you said "please."  This one is size 62cm.

Seat tube mounted front derailleur adjuster.

XT Shadow derailleur with custom barrel adjuster placement.

Chris King headset with Paul Mini-Moto brakes and Bruce Gordon Rock n' Road tires.

Paul Mini-Moto brakes.  Important to note the location of the cable anchor point. 

TRP brake levers, Shimano 9-speed bar-end shifters, Newbaum's cloth tape, and Salsa Cowbell bars in 46cm.

White Industries VBC cranks in 42/30 mounted to a Phil Wood bottom bracket.

White Industries H2/H3 hubs w/ Shimano quick releases.

H+Son TB14 black rims with DT Competition black spokes.


Review of the cross bike in Bicycle Times.

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Chris said...

How do you like the H+ rims? also, any special tips on setting up the brakes with A23 rims? I assume you are saying the cable needs to be anchored on the bottom of the bolt instead of the top?

can't wait to see my new frame!!!! :D

blackmountaincycles said...

No special tips. Just pay attention to the spacer width on the brakes. The pads come with one thick and one thin concave washer and a thin 1mm flat spacer (in addition to the thin steel washer for the nut). On this, I used the thick concave on the inside. The thin concave and the thin 1mm spacer on the outside. Rim width and boss spacing dictate the spacer orientation.

Yes, anchor on the bottom of the bolt.

The H+Son rims are very nice. Build up nicely and have that classic old Mavic MA40 look but in a nice wide shape.

Justin Marney said...

Hi Mike, what size is this fine beast?

blackmountaincycles said...

Size 62cm

Anonymous said...

Will you have any more of the orange cross frames in the new batch?

Ari said...

My 62cm Black Mountain Cycles cross bike is amazing. I raced Dirty Kanza and 2 Trans Iowas on it. Super comfortable, fast and stable on 40+mph downhills on loose gravel running 700x35c Schwalbe Extremes.
I wish I had money to buy another one.
Slender Fungus Cycling Association.

blackmountaincycles said...

Thanks, Ari. That's a great testament to the frames.

To the previous question, yes, the run of frames that is currently in process will include orange and a gray color.