Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Five years...

When you're a kid waiting for Christmas, that last week or two takes for damn ever.  As you get older, the passing of time seems go faster at an increasing rate.  I hit two milestones this year.  I guess they're milestones.  That's what people tell me.  I hit 50 years of age and Black Mountain Cycles has been open for five years.  Five years ago on August 14, according to the first sale recorded in my accounting software.  I didn't really know the exact date until I wondered about it this morning.  Fifty years and five years.  The shop has been open 1/10th of my life.  Sounds very different in those terms.

It hasn't been easy.  There were many times I had doubts, wondering what the hell I was doing in retail in a town of 350 people, leaving a job and career "in" the industry that allowed me to travel to many countries - all work, of course.  Then things started changing.  I received the first frames with the Black Mountain Cycles label I designed for myself instead of for another company early last year.  This was my goal all along - my own unique, shop branded frames.  Those doubts faded away as I became ultra-busy selling, building, shipping.  Almost too much for a one-man shop, but not enough to add an employee.  That's still my ultimate goal.  Busy enough for one person to make a good living.  Not so busy I need to hire someone.  

I feel very fortunate with the shop.  This blog has opened to doors to having a lot of visitors make it a point to come by the shop when they are in the area.  I don't know if there are many shops that become destinations.  I've had visitors from many countries and states who have heard about the shop or read these pages.  Just a few days ago, some nice folks from Odessa, TX came by on their vacation and a guy stopped by who was told by his brother in Los Angeles to check out the shop.  

In the mean time, I'm looking forward to the next five years of building bikes, fixing up crappy Burning Man bikes, expanding the line of Black Mountain Cycles frames (not too much, just enough), and enticing people to come out and visit Point Reyes Station for some of the great riding we have out here.  


Some shots of what the shop looked like before I moved in.

BMC Interior 2007

BMC Interior 2007

And today.  Sure fills up fast.
BMC Today

BMC Today

(What's playing:  Dion Runaround Sue)


Gary B. said...

Happy anniversary to my favorite local bike shop!

Anonymous said...

Mike, congratulations on the five year anniversary. I follow your blog on a regular basis. Would like to come out and do a mixed terrain ride with you some day. Keep up the good work.
Colonel's Bicycles
Fort Worth, Texas

classen said...

This is the only bike shop that I would drive an hour to to have my bike worked on. Happy 5th. May the next 5 years or 50 years be as rewarding.

Anonymous said...

congrats on everything I have been admiring your road frame for a few weeks now.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and congratulations on the milestone for Black Mountain Cycles!

Chase said...

I love reading your blog (all the way in Austin, TX). I look forward to your ride reports the most. The mixed-terrain riding in that area looks amazing. One day I hope to have the cheese for one of your house brand bikes!

Anonymous said...


Very happy for you. Very happy to know you are there. I was in with my fiancé this spring. Had found your place on accident.

The vibe at Black Mountain Cycles is like no other.

Baldwin City, KS

blackmountaincycles said...

Many thanks for the kind comments. I'm humbled.

BigWickerJim said...

I was on a cycle tour this summer and rode within a kilometer or so of your shop. It's a shame I had not found your site until now otherwise I would have loved to stop in.

Hopefully your listed on the ACA maps.