Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weights and measures...

I just realized I posted reviews of two tires and didn't list actual widths or weights for either tire.  Heresy?  Maybe.  The level of detail that drives me these days isn't in gram counting or caliper scrutinizing.  It's in the subjective.  Did they work to my expectations?  Did I have fun?  

At a certain level, tires are going to weigh an acceptable amount.  A high quality tire like the Clément X'Plor MSO is going to weigh what it weighs.  There's nothing added to increase the weight and there's nothing taken out to make it stupid light.  There are lighter tires, but in order to get a tire lighter, there are certain things that the manufacturer is going to have to do to lighten it.  Thinner casing, fewer and smaller knobs.  I don't really want a super thin casing that's going to cut easier.  And there are heavier tires with all kinds of belts and reinforcements.  I don't need reinforced tires for where I ride and my riding style.  Some folks need that.  I don't.  

I'm personally not interested in knowing if a tire is exactly the size noted on the sidewall.  I know that almost all tires are under their claimed size.  And I'm okay with that.  When I buy a tire that's marked as 40, I know that it's going to be close.  However, since I do own a bike shop and customers will ask those questions, I'll dutifully measure, weigh, and reply with the answer.  And then it's likely I'll forget the exact number until asked again.  

My review of the Clément X'Plor MSO could have been simplified down to "The Clément X'Plor MSO was a blast to ride on both dirt and pavement.  Smooth, comfortable, and suitable to my riding style.  They are a 700c x 40 size and felt good when I hefted one in my hand.  The artwork was also clean and simple, not in your face loud.  I like them."

And if anyone wants to know the exact size and weight, I will measure them and weigh them for you. But really, they are fun regardless of those details.  

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