Sunday, June 24, 2012

And we're back...

Actually, the "we're" is simply "I'm," but who's counting.  Conversing in the third person is much more intriguing.  What I am trying to say is that I'm back at the shop and maintaining regular hours.  Sometimes, I get pretty caught up in trying to keep the shop open to service the needs of cyclists riding through town.  However, I cannot be there all the time, every time someone shreds a tire or goes through their stash of tubes.  

I did try a little experiment last Sunday when I was gone.  I left an small assortment of tubes out at the front door with a sign that read "Honor System Tubes - Slip $5 under the door for each tube you need."  Worked well.  There was a five spot under the door for each missing tube.  Five bucks is less than what I charge for tubes in the shop, but I figured slipping a fiver under the door was easier than slipping $6.50 under the door. 

I did hear of a rider who had a blown out tire and was in need of a new one.  By coincidence, a local rider happened by and actually got the rider set up with a new tire so it all worked out and I didn't get any hate messages left on my voice mail or taped to the front door.  

And I came back to the shop to a fresh order of water bottles.  Specialized sent me some samples of their Purist bottles a while back.  I've been using them and really liking them.  One of the reasons I like them better than the standard Specialized Big Mouth bottles is they hold more water.  The small Purist holds 22 oz. compared to 20 oz. in the standard small and 26 oz. in the large Purist to the 24 oz in the standard large.  But, I do have both types in the shop.  There's a whole bunch of info on the Purist bottle page, but basically, the inside is treated to not stain or retain odors so you get water tasting water.  Water tasting water unless the water that comes out of your tap tastes like dirt, then you'll still get water that tastes like dirt.  Better tasting dirt, they're great bottles, but they don't work miracles.  They cost a buck more by size than the standard bottles, but so far, they are selling 2:1, based on yesterday's sales.  

Like everything else, bottle prices have risen steadily.  Purist Black Mountain Cycles bottles are $10 for a large and $9 for a small.  Standard bottles are $7 for a small and $8 for a large.  Still a bargain for something that lasts for years.  And combined with the stainless King Cage, it's a great combo since the stainless cage doesn't blacken the bottles like an aluminum cage does.  


(What's playing:  Some Velvet Evening Shooting the Breeze)

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Anonymous said...

you can pop the black thing out of the top and clean it thoroughly - I checked with my new bottle yesterday. thank you Mike.