Friday, May 18, 2012

Two weeks goes by fast...

Two weeks since the last blog post.  Dang that goes by fast.  Plenty busy at the shop.  Some fun "what's in the stand" shots.  Some great upcoming WITS previews.  Some fun riding.  And since it's illegal to ride most of the trails in the national park here, I started trail running a few months ago.  Some really great running trails out here. 

So, here's to your Friday and your upcoming great weekend.  Enjoy!

This Jones was a conversion from single-speed to a 1x10 Shimano XT drivetrail. 

This 105 equipped cross bike is heading to Norway.

Really great Ibis Scorcher in size L got a refreshing rebuild and fresh bar tape.

Crab carapace head badge on this Vitus that was in for a tune-up.

Bolinas Ridge
Got out for a ride on Bolinas Ridge and over to San Geronimo Ridge.

At North Beach
Rode out to North Beach.

Ridgecrest in the fog

Ridgecrest in the redwood rain
Rode up to Mt. Tam and came across a socked in Ridgecrest Dr.

Kate's new cross bike.

And finally, got some sweet silver Imron painted forks that will be making appearances soon on future editions of "what's in the stand."

(What's playing:  The Paladins Going Nowhere Fast)


classen said...

Hi Mike,

Can you explain, either in words or photos, how a gooseneck stem is attached to that conical top in the Type II fork? Is the conical top of the fork part of the fork? or added to a standard threadless steerer?


blackmountaincycles said...

It's an adapter that is secured to the cone which allows the stem to be clamped to the assembly. There's more information on the website.