Monday, May 21, 2012


This old Cunningham came in a while back for a new fork and some attention.  The new Type II fork was made by Steve Potts and then sent off to Joe Bell for silver paint.  The same Imron silver paint that adorns pretty much every other Cunningham fork and stem. 

There's a lot that goes into the repair and modification of one of these old Cunninghams.  They really are years ahead of their time.  For example, the brakes are roller-cams.  However, these are Cunninham made roller-cams and don't fit on your run of the mill roller-cam boss.  They won't fit on that Klein Pinnacle you picked up on ebay.  They have a different sized boss that is optimized for use with these original roller-cam brakes.  The brakes are also fixed to the boss with a smaller diameter bolt due to the bosses thicker wall - very stout stuff here.  

In addition to the new fork, the bike also got new decals that were placed in the correct locations.  When all was said and done the bike was pretty much like a new bike - as it was when it rolled out of Point Reyes Bikes in the early 80s.

Cunningham #1B
What's in the stand

Cunningham #1B

Cunningham #1B
New seat tube decal

Cunningham #1B

Cunningham #1B

Cunningham #1B

Cunningham #1B

Cunningham #1B

Cunningham #1B
New top tube decal

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classen said...

Wow, I learn something new every time I read one of your posts.

I didn't know that Cunningham used larger diameter brake bosses. What is the diameter? and what size bolts?


Rich N. said...

Hi Mike- Looks good, as always. Any chance you have more of the reproduction C-ham decals available? I need a full set for #012 and would rather buy them from you than try to fake it on my own.

-Rich, aka -Anomie-

blackmountaincycles said...

classen: I didn't take a caliper to the boss, so I'm unsure as to the exact diameter.

Rich: The owner of the bike supplied the decals. I simply applied them. Your #012 is in great shape. I wouldn't touch the decals. This one needed new decals because the previous decals were in the wrong location.

Unknown said...

In the case of 012 it isn't that they're in bad shape, they were removed entirely by the previous owner. I'm not too worried about it, I just thought if you had them it would be an easy fix. I'll let the next owner (whoever that might be) worry about it. :)