Monday, April 16, 2012

Roll on, roll off...

This sweet machine went out the door on Saturday.  The lucky owner immediately took it on a couple hour ride and proclaimed it a sweet riding bike that feels just right.  Details:  Steve Potts frame, fork, stem built for a Rohloff hub, canti brakes, and drop bars. 

Potts Cross Bike

White Ind. Eno
White Industries Eno crank mounted to a Phil Wood bottom bracket

Paul Hi-Flange
Paul Components Hi-Flange front hub

Paragon sliding dropouts

Drop Bar Shifter
Rohloff shifter mounted to a Hubbub drop bar adapter

Cable Routing
Rohloff cable routing

Cable Stop
I suggested welding a threaded and slotted stop for adjustable cable stops for clean cable routing and quick disconnecting of the cables when frame is packed in the S&S case for travel.

Cable Routing

Cable Stop

Dropout Adjuster

Rear Brake
Paul Components provide speed modulation

Front End
The cable routing was pretty clean coming off the drop bar mounted shifter.

Potts stem

Rohloff Speedhub
Rohloff Speedhub

Rohloff Speedhub

(What's playing:  Beastie Boys Intergalactic)


Wally said...

Bike porn.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is an exceptional build!

Cycle Monkey said...

Awesome bike, Black Mtn! Steve did a great job on the frame build, cable routing in particular. Nice example of a Rohloff-equipped build! That silver hub looks good.

Thanks for putting more folks on Rohloff SPEEDHUB bikes. Best drive train out there!

50voltphantom said...

This is fantastic.

Do you have tips for installing Phil square taper bottom brackets? I managed to over-torque mine and destroyed the bearings in 3 months. I've read everything from 25 to 40N-m (what I did) of torque to just get it snug and let the loctite do it's thing.

blackmountaincycles said...

40 N-m is correct. Based on the design of the bottom bracket and how the lock rings secure the center cartridge, I'm not sure if over-torquing would be able to damage the bearings. The outer race of the bearing is stopped inside the shell and the rings fit against the outer race so there should be no damaging pre-loading going on against the bearing.