Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm not such a retro-grouch...

To a casual observer, heck, to an astute observer, I probably seem like a retro-grouch.  What with all the old classic steel bikes I post and the fact that pretty much the only new bikes I really sell through the shop are my own brand of steel frames.  However, I can and do appreciate a fine carbon fiber steed and do relish the opportunity to build such a bike.  This Colnago C59 came in last week to get built with a Campagnolo Super Record group.  Very fitting choice for this frameset.  

I'm sure the polka-dot, TdF climber's jersey paint scheme will foster a love-hate relationship.  The only important aspect of this is that the owner digs it.  I happen to like it as well.  I think it's a great looking bike.  Soon after these photos were taken, the owner pedaled it out to the Pt. Reyes lighthouse and back, with a side trip up to Mt. Vision.  Very fitting first ride since that ride has about 4,500' of climbing in less than 50 miles.  And turning the pedals on such a steed can only push the rider to become the best climber he can.  Kind of like buying clothes one size too small to encourage some weight loss.  

Colnago C59

Colnago C59

Super Record 11

Colnago C59
Plenty of room for some fatter tires than these 23's.
Colnago C59

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Anonymous said...

"Made in Italy" - Ha!

Still cool.

cyclotourist said...

What was the final weight? Looks like it might float away!

blackmountaincycles said...

Pretty sure all Colnago lugged type frames are made in Italy, while the monocoque type frames are made overseas.

Weight came out to something in the 15 pound range.

saddle up said...

meh, doesn't really stand out compared to some bikes you have had in your stand

peter said...

Tough crowd. :-p

saddle up said...

This... , would have received a completely different reaction.