Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You say you want a fat tire road bike...

Over the past week, I've seen several things posted on the interwebs that proclaim fat tire road bikes are coming to a bike shop near you. They are already here at Black Mountain Cycles. Been hear for over a year and I've been putting in miles on these for a few years.

The Black Mountain Cycles frame is here and it will fit your fat tires. These arrived just over a year ago. The supply is still good. This one will be heading to its new home down south in San Mateo County this weekend. It's a great looking bike. The new owner had it built up with a little creativity in choosing my #1 Cross Build and then upgrading the hubs to silver, change the brakes to fit the road frame, change the bars to Nitto Mod. 177/Noodle, change the stem to a silver Cane Creek 100, and build it with as many silver parts as possible. It turned out really nice looking. Simple, understated, and ready to hit some mixed-terrain rides.

59cm Road

Nitto Mod. 177 Noodle

White Industries
The new owner has his own set of quick release levers. These black ones were used to keep the wheels in place during the build.

Jack Brown 33
Clearance, Clarence. If I would have shot this shot from a little lower, it would have shown the true (more) clearance with the 33mm Jack Brown tires installed.

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bubba said...

It never gets old: "The road frame takes Jack Browns, no problem" Just think of all the fun tires you can run: Challenge 700x29, Gran Bois 700x32, Paselas, Continental 700x28, etc etc. Have you ever photographed the road frame with a ~30mm Cross tire? That would be SICK, as the kids say

Chris said...

such nice looking bikes! What fenders do you typically recommend to customers for the road build?

blackmountaincycles said...

Chris - I've installed both Honjo aluminum and SKS Chromoplastic fenders on the road bikes. Both work great. There's just a different aesthetic look/appeal to each one.

Bubba - I have not installed a cross tire on the road bike, but have heard of an owner of one who was running, I believe, 32 Ritcheys.