Friday, February 10, 2012

Puttin' the rubber in Valentine's day...

Literally. So, here's the deal. I've still got both road and cross frames in every size. Some sizes in colors are sold out. All orange cross frames are gone, but there are plenty of brown, er, root beer cross frames. The champagne road frames in 53cm, 56cm, and 62cm are sold out. All sizes of orange road frames are available. Sales have been pretty good.

That is until January. January was a barren month. Now I've got to give frameset sales a kick in the pants. I thought what better way than a month of February rubber special in honor of Valentine's Day.

Through the month of February, if you purchase in full a Black Mountain Cycles cross or road frame, I'll throw in a pair of tires free. Yes, free means free. The frameset price for either frame is $595. "Is that any tire," you ask? No. The tires I'm offering with the cross frame is either the new Vee Rubber 12 or X-C-X tire. Currently, the only size available is the 1.95" in the 12 model and 1.75 in the X-C-X. Your choice. If your preference is the road frameset, I'll include a set of Clement Strada LGG in the 120tpi version and your choice of sizes: 23, 25, or 28. This is a killer deal worth between $90 - $100. Mr. T says "I pity the fool who don't jump on this offer."

But wait there's more! More? Yes, more! The first cross frame sale and the first road frame sale will get a Cane Creek 40 headset thrown in too. Be the first and get a free set of tires and a free headset all for the low, low price of $595. I should clarify. That's $595 not including shipping or any applicable sales tax. This offer is good through February 29 so you have an extra day to jump on it.

Operators are standing by. I take PayPal, Visa, M/C, Amex, cash.

Cross bike with the 12 tire.

The X-C-X tire on the cross bike.

62cm Road Ultegra
Road frame with the Clement Strada LGG 28.

(What's playing: The Strange Boys Mama Shelter)


bubba said...

I bought mine! Thanks Mike.

blackmountaincycles said...

And with yours, bubba, the freebie headset for the road frameset is no longer available, but a free set of tires with every frame is still available.

This also goes for the cross frame. A cross frame was sold over the weekend, snapping up the free headset and tires. The set of tires is still available with cross frames through February.

blackmountaincycles said...

And thank you, bubba!