Monday, February 13, 2012

On to part 2...

If you recall, a few days ago I posted a special deal for buyers of Black Mountain Cycles frames for the month of February. Basically, I'm including a set of Vee Rubber tires with the sale of a road or cross frame. And the first buyer of a road or cross frame also got a Cane Creek 40 headset thrown in to the deal. Notice the past tense in that previous sentence. That means the headset aspect of the February special is over. Thanks Bubba and Collin for picking up your own road and cross frameset.

However, the rubber deal is still a go through the month of February. This is still a $90 - $100 bonus when you buy a Black Mountain Cycles road or cross frame. Don't delay. There's only 15 more days left for this month of February. Heck, if you want to delay until February 29, that's fine too. Just as long as you don't order your frame on March 1, because then I can't deck you out with some free rubber.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, just curious to see if shipping overseas (to Melbourne, Australia) is an option and if so roughly how much that would be?


blackmountaincycles said...

Hi Andrew,
I will ship anywhere. However, I've not found a reasonable rate to ship to Australia. The USPS is the least expensive and it is hundreds of dollars (when I checked several months ago). If you know of a shipping service with reasonable rates, I would be happy to use them. Drop me an e-mail and we can talk further.