Friday, January 13, 2012

A whole lot of Marin for Friday Pt. 2...

Part 2 is something a little older. This Cunningham Racer is slated to make an appearance at an upcoming exhibit at San Francisco International Airport's International Terminal in March. It's a great example of some of Charlie's best work. The Racer model with the optional oversized seat post and sloping top tube was so far ahead of its time. It's still a wildly popular bike and still will carve trails like no one's business today.

Full photo set available here.

Cunningham 9

Cunningham 8
"New" hubs made with NOS Hi-E flanges, built into Saturae X22 rims.

Cunningham 10
Specialized cranks were known for cracks that would develop between the arm and the spider. This crankarm has been worked by Charlie to eliminate the development of the crack.

Cunningham 7
Cunningham "gooseneck" stem. The term LD would apply to stems of the same shape coming out of Ibis Cycles.

Cunningham 5
Press-fit bearing from the '80s. Today's new fangled press fit bottom bracket systems can trace their routes back to innovators like Charlie Cunningham and others. Notice also the mud-guard for the rear brake linkage.

Cunningham 14
Vintage Shimano 600 brake lever with custom reach adjust tab.

Cunningham 1
Front brake with steering limiter.

Cunningham 16
Rear derailleur with helper spring to keep the upper jockey wheel away from the cogs when in the larger cogs.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely -- I grew up there and used to ride so often. I wish to come back to ride, but never bring my bike with me!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I love Gram Parsons, wish I had a jersey like his Nudie suit!