Friday, January 13, 2012

A whole lot of Marin for Friday Pt. 1...

Might as well get this one over will so y'all have something to do over the weekend. Here are two bikes that came through the shop in the past week. Both were here for small miscellaneous things so I wouldn't necessarily classify them as "repairs" and I'll explain my reason for noting this later. Regardless, they are both remarkable bikes in their own way and remarkable just for the sheer nature of what they represent. Neither bike is one that anyone can just go out and buy. There are things about them and the builders that make them more exclusive that any hi-tech machine raced in the Tour de France. Custom through and through.

First up is a Steve Potts 29"er. The frame was purpose built so it could be handed over to Charlie Cunningham for the coup de grace: the installation of the most recent evolutionary iteration of the roller-cam brake, the lever-link brake. It's a fantastic piece of design and machining, literally made one at a time. The modulation and braking power is unrivaled. Disc brakes have nothing on this in terms of its modulation. The bike really is a total package that was built with as a whole and not simply a frame with various parts bolted on. It's truly an exercise in building a whole bike.

Here's a few select photos. The rest can be seen here on my flickr page.

Potts 29er 11

Potts 29er 19

Potts 29er 15

Potts 29er 7

Potts 29er 10

Potts 29er 9

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Scott Classen said...

What's that little piece of metal held to the bar by rubber bands?

blackmountaincycles said...

It's the lever that fits into the hub skewer to tighten or release the wheel.